s or hundreds of years.

“Boss Lu, what have you been doing recently? How are you analyzing the metal tablet dug out from hell?” Wang Xuan asked Lu Po.
When Lu Po started the video communication, both sides felt it was annoying this time, and it was no longer one-sided.
Yu Teng, Qing Niu, and the Giant Beast Bear King were also in front of the camera. They found that the leader, Zai Dao, had changed again. He had changed into another youthful look. He even put on silver-rimmed glasses and a briefcase. Staring into the void, he was rushing towards a skyscraper.
/“Ancestor, do you want to become a professional elite?” Lu Po asked.
The silver-haired Willow also came over, and he suddenly felt goosebumps. You are an old demon who shouts to shatter the starry sky at every turn, and your hands are covered in blood. Don’t you think this outfit is too much? However, he also discovered that there seemed to be no flaws, and this old devil had really integrated into the real world.
“A gentle scum-level demon!” He muttered vaguely.
In fact, Wang Xuan couldn’t stand it when he saw them and wanted to wash his eyes. What kind of taste is this?
Some of them were wearing flip-flops and flowery pants, some were walking on the beach, and some were sunbathing. Their leg hair was too long, and they looked like bear legs. But when he saw who it was, he was relieved. That was okay. Really the King of Bears.
In the camera, Vero was holding a surfboard and wearing swimming trunks. He was originally interacting with a beautiful woman and wanted to go surfing together. If Wang Xuan hadn’t contacted them, he would have ended up in the sea.
Wang Xuan secretly took a sip of Dao Yun, what stimulated these ancient costume bosses to let them go so freely?
He wanted to say, you are all supreme beings who came out of the Jedi, do you still have the style of a boss? The change was too sudden and thorough.
Lu Po said: “Ancestor, thank you for guiding us. Recently, we feel like we have broken the shackles of our souls and cut off part of our old self. In the future, we should be able to completely break away from our destiny. With the accumulation in the past, we are now in the same position as the Myth Center. The integration is relatively complete, and I should be able to overcome the tribulation and become a stranger in the near future.”
Wang Xuan didn’t speak and acted very calmly. Silence is golden when the situation is unclear.
/“Yes, Brother Zai Dao, the scene of you wearing your school uniform to conquer the Star Sea and hunting strangers touched us deeply. Thank you!” Qing Niu saluted solemnly.
Wang Xuan was almost petrified, is this possible? !
He didn’t even think that much. These old monsters who came out of the Jedi had an epiphany because of this? He was really speechless, but he secretly sighed in his heart, he was worthy of being a supreme being, his understanding was beyond words!
“I am very relieved that you can realize something, break your shackles, and get rid of the past.” Wang Xuan nodded calmly.
Lu Po said: “Brother