s were without any moisture. Such a true immortal could indeed kill a heaven-level master.

Accompanied by the roaring sound, it was as if a great catastrophe was coming. Demon King Kong Xuan’s eyes were like lightning, and his skull was glowing. Above his Heavenly Spirit Cap, the Royal Dao Transformation textures were densely packed, extremely terrifying, and even more terrifying than the heaven-level Nie Qing. , it makes people feel horrified, as if they were locked by a prehistoric beast from a long distance away.
In people’s astonished eyes, above Kong Xuan’s head, the texture of the royal road formed a big fang stick, which was heavy and frightening, accompanied by a billowing black evil spirit.
Of course, this is not his trump card, this kind of wonder is just a temporary creation.
/On the other side, Lu Renjia’s back glowed, and with a clanging sound of a sword, he slowly pulled out a sharp sword from his spine. The light of the royal path was dazzling and sacred.
At this moment, both of them launched their “strongest blow.”
The black-as-ink-like mace drove the monstrous texture. With a slight shock, the void collapsed. When it flew out brazenly, the sky exploded. That kind of power, the momentum that swept through thousands of armies and dominated the world. , making many extraordinary beings tremble just by looking at it.
The sky, the earth, and the sky were directly traversed by the dark Yudao-shaped wolf fang stick, which was shattered, and the void exploded!
On the other side, the sharp sword from the sky whistled softly. The sword seemed to split the road between life and death, and seemed to split eternity, to confirm immortality with the bright sword light.
The texture of the sacred royal road is intertwined all over the sky. The sky knife cuts through the sky, exceeding the limit speed. Time and space are distorted and dimmed, and it is slashed out with one knife.
In an instant, two weapons constructed with Yudao textures collided fiercely and horribly. In an instant, the world was flooded with light!
You have to be serious about pretending to fight, especially since there may be strangers nearby, so both of you have to pay a certain price. Even if you want to eat and drink, it’s not easy in this world.
There is light everywhere, and people can’t see anything. What they see is the brilliance of eternity, witnessing the blooming of immortality in one day.
A knife split the boundary between life and death, and a mace shattered the void. The two weapons collided with each other and then disintegrated. Only the runes of the royal way burned into light.
In the vast expanse, the holy light was raging in the land of Taoism. All the patterns on the bluestone ground lit up, and the five-layer rule circle revived to block these lights.
Fortunately, the guardian array of the Land of Discourse is amazing enough and is the handiwork of a stranger. Otherwise, if the light of the imperial runes pours out, it will be catastrophic.
Even so, people outside the venue felt a violent aura like mountains and