ang’s thoughts and ideas.

Or to be more precise, it is the aura illuminated by the seal patterns of the talismans and seals wrapped around the true form.
Moreover, Chu Weiyang has gained abundantly in the world of trials. He no longer sticks to the principles of the Xuan Ming Dan Cauldron, and all the spiritual principles of cultivation, including the Stomach Dan Cauldron and the five internal organs chakras, have been gathered together. A “stream” appeared in front of Chu Weiyang.
After all, the Tao of the Five Elements is an overly complex concept. Chu Weiyang had no choice but to follow his own path of practice, differentiate and then re-integrate it in the process of the intertwining and intertwining of the Tao and the Tao. Controlled by “Heng Tu”.
Through continuous pushing and pushing, Chu Weiyang has harvested the “template” of the true form of this refining process. From the cultivation of the Taoist body in the stomach pill cauldron to the changes in the rotation of the five internal organs, everything is the same as what is happening in Baihua Tower today. The practice of Dharma is closely related, which is why Chu Weiyang appeared in Baijie Yunfang and chose to teach Shi Yuting and Qing He at this time.
But now it seems that Shi Yuting and Qing He are not the only ones who really care about opening up a dharma lineage and practicing the true path.
Walls have ears, and perhaps they already had ears last time.
In a flash, Chu Weiyang suddenly realized a lot.
Moreover, in the entanglement of thoughts and ideas between the lightning and stone fire, the thoughts and ideas revealed in that ray of spiritual thought are too much based on some kind of instinctive desire of living beings, and are too “greedy” It is close to the charm of Tongtai that lingers in Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and ideas.
If one method responds, then all methods will respond.
For a moment, the gilded divine flower that was about to disappear suddenly flourished again. Under the hole of bright yellow aura, in Chu Weiyang’s mind, the “Corpse Dissolution and Refining Diagram” was humming. With the help of the power of “Tao Tong Tu”, he counterattacked like an instinct again and penetrated in the opposite direction. At the same time, there was even a gray-black light mixed with the Xuanzhen Treasure Book.
The gray-black light looked very inconspicuous.
But even Chu Weiyang himself had no way of guessing. After swallowing all the countless ghosts in the trial world into the treasure mirror and turning them into ghost spirits and divine forms, this mysterious treasure To what extent has Jian itself risen?
The secret method of refining a supreme-level weapon in the Palace of Lihen and the Tongyou Talisman Formation of the same supreme level are combined into one. No one knows where the limit of this treasure is. Chu Weiyang doesn’t even know. It’s because he hasn’t reached the peak yet, or he’s already far beyond the barrier.
/Once this light shines through, in an instant, it becomes an almost similar level of entanglement and intertwinin