major forces were also frightened.

The faces of the two black mouths were twitching at this moment. Although they were frightened, they really couldn’t help themselves and quickly solved everyone’s doubts.
“Do you know what that is? Treasure Xiaoyaozhou. I heard someone say just now that an energy cannon fired from the battleship can destroy even the Treasure Belt Earth Immortal. How dare you speak!”
“What is a treasure? Ordinary extraordinary civilizations cannot refine it even if they put all their efforts. Each treasure has countless legends. It is the brainchild of a super civilization. How can a supreme masterpiece be destroyed so easily?”
The two “black mouths” have popularized the origin of Zhibao. If it were before, someone would have criticized them, but now everyone is listening.
“Xiaoyaozhou represents the extreme speed of the universe. After reaching the limit, it has the power to reverse time. It is normal for you to see that time and space are still. It uses this to kill enemies and destroy warships.”
/At this point, people understood that they didn’t think Xiaoyaozhou was so powerful earlier, but now they saw it easily defeating a battleship, and they were naturally shocked.
Even time can be reversed, which makes many people fascinated and feel the horror of something in the mythical realm. A small boat that looks like a “fish belly” in the treasure can actually have such terrifying lethality.
Wang Xuan was standing in the distance holding the Royal Dao Spear. He had never looked down on Xiaoyaozhou. Back then, during the war in the Immortal Land, he had witnessed the terrifying scene of the two great ancestors going against time to fight Qitian.
Today, the Royal Dao Spear was so special that it shocked Xiaoyaozhou first. Otherwise, if other treasures arrived and started a full-scale battle with Xiaoyaozhou, it would never be so peaceful!
“It starts again!”
At this time, it can be said that the whole world is attracting attention. Countless people in New Star, Old Land, and deep in the starry sky are paying attention to this battle and see Xiaoyaozhou appearing again.
It rushed towards another battleship in the void, first accelerated, then disappeared, and then suddenly appeared, tearing apart a large battleship with a bang. It wasn’t until one person and one boat left that an earth-shattering energy fire erupted.
All parties were suppressed. It was a large warship like a steel mountain. It was cut off by that person and one boat, and the energy system was detonated.
At this moment, people truly realized how terrifying and powerful the treasure that was the brainchild of a super mythical civilization was.
This is not the most splendid period of the extraordinary. In today’s era, Xiaoyaozhou can perform like this, which is shocking.
In an extremely distant place, in a certain super battleship, a strong man who looked like a young man, with a trace of rotten aura, said to himself: “I didn’t choose the flagpole of Yudao Flag to start with, knowing that it is powerful, so I chose Xiaoyaozho