if it was a matter of life and death in one move.

He is very strong, but he has not yet reached the point where he can instantly kill the most powerful gods with one move. As he said earlier, he does not want to fight, and all his methods are concentrated in one breath, using his trump card to decide life and death.
/If Yuan Lei insists on testing, wandering, and normal dueling with him, it will definitely take a while, and it is impossible to have this effect directly.
Of course, although he was gasping for air, it wasn’t as serious as he thought, and he wasn’t so exhausted that he didn’t want to move.
Wang Xuan exhaled from his mouth and said: “I told you, I was severely injured in the calamity and had physical problems, but the light of swordsmanship that I had cultivated for many years was successfully baptized, promoted and tempered by the calamity. She showed the true meaning of killing, so her death was not unjust.”
Some people stared at him and wanted to say, stop explaining, you have killed three gods from the beginning to now, you are not a good person.
Wang Xuan’s body was shaking, as if he could hardly stand. Of course, he acted professionally. He covered his mouth, not wanting to spit out blood, so he could only show it to them like he was coughing and then swallowing the blood. .
At the same time, he waved and detained a strong man who was staring at him hatefully. He should have come from the Great Barrier and was a disciple of a certain god. He had nine extreme levels of strength in this world.
He was not polite and slapped her over, imprisoning her, making her bend down on the ground and sit on her back without ceremony, using it as a stool.
“I’m so tired that I don’t want to move anymore.” He said, and then began to adjust his breathing silently.
Seeing his behavior of not attracting the attention of the creatures in the Great Barrier, those people stared in silence. No one said anything, mainly because they were shocked by the battle he had just fought.
Who can not be afraid? Even the gray-haired man who was confronting Xu Fu, the god of the Royal Dao Palace, was uneasy and extremely angry. Although he wanted to kill him immediately, there was no movement for the time being.
After a long period of silence, everyone finally couldn’t help it, and gradually started to make noises, and then there was a heated discussion, especially in outer space, all parties couldn’t help it anymore.
/“Is this true? It feels a bit dreamy. The person who failed to overcome the tribulation killed two powerful gods in a row?”
Many people in those spaceships were in an uproar, feeling deeply surprised and weird, but the reality was so unexpected, that young man killed the gods again.
Among them, Qingmu, Wu Yin and others were naturally the most excited and excited. They had all been prepared for the worst and were worried about Wang Xuan, fearing that he would die in the hands of foreign gods.
“As expected of my brother Wang, even if he has just been struck by the sky and has serious health problems, he will