hink that he was related to him.

In order to quickly pass Duke Arthur’s status as a reserve member, Speaker Abb took the initiative to contact more than half of the lords, who were either related to him or to Lord Gould, so that Duke Arthur could get it in two days. status as a reserve member.
David was sitting in the training room. He controlled Mark Knight to transfer the blood power he practiced today into the ‘Blood Power Purification Pattern’.
/Behind Mark Knight are the remaining fourteen level four sky knights waiting in line.
The purified bloodline power flowed directly into David’s heart space. He could clearly feel the growth of bloodline power in his heart space.
/David only practices twice a day, but his practice speed is dozens of times that of an ordinary fourth-level sky knight.
Although the six fifth-level Templars accelerated the consumption of training energy, he was not prepared to reduce the number of training times for the six fifth-level Templars. Every day, the six fifth-level Templars practiced once in the morning and evening like him.
David is not a short-sighted person. If the number of training sessions of the six fifth-level Templar knights is reduced, the remaining energy can indeed increase his own training times, but it will affect his growth rate in becoming a fifth-level Templar knight. .
The current training of the six fifth-level Templars is not only increasing the strength of the fifth-level Templars themselves, but also reserving the blood power of the fifth-level Templars for David. When David becomes a fifth-level Templar, After that, you can absorb this part of the bloodline power and increase your own strength in one fell swoop.
Besides, David’s current cultivation speed has almost reached the limit. If it weren’t for his strong physique and the immortal vitality that can repair his body, he would be worried that the increase in blood power at this speed would be unbearable for his body.
Every time you practice the ‘Leopard Breath Breathing Technique’, the power of blood will flow back from the heart sea space to the whole body, strengthening the whole body’s physique.
But if the repetition is too many, this enhancement will turn into damage, and the body has a limit to what it can withstand.
He can ignore this limit, but he feels that his cultivation speed is enough. At this speed, it will not take long to become a fifth-level Templar. He still hopes to slow down the promotion time and use as much time as possible Time makes the bloodline power in the heart sea space become more powerful.
Fifteen level four sky knights took turns giving their bloodline training power. David watched the last level four sky knight leave with some unfulfilled interest, lamenting the lack of soul energy.
If he had more soul energy, he could resurrect a large number of fourth-level sky knights.
The blood power obtained through the ‘Blood Power Purification Pattern’ is not the blood power he cultivated, but the pure blood power that can directly enter the heart sea space.
He casually