ter hearing that he could be guaranteed a decent job with a high salary after graduation.

So Qin Cheng couldn’t figure it out. He Qing was obviously resistant, so how could he be selected in the end?
“One thing happened to He Qing. When he was fourteen years old, he saw his younger brother was about to be hit by a speeding car. He rushed over desperately and pushed his younger brother away. He He was run over by a car, but he was not injured, only black marks on his body where he was run over by a tire.”
At that time, everyone was shocked and a little confused. In the end, they could only think that he had unleashed some mysterious potential of the human body at the critical moment of life and death.
The investors of the old art research project dug up and investigated this incident in He Qing’s youth, which shows how deeply they know about them.
As a result, the plane she missed that day crashed.
“Is this possible? There is such a monster in our class!” Qin Cheng was stunned. He had never heard of this before.
/On the same day, the list of those selected to go to Xinxing was finally confirmed, and sure enough, no new people were added.
Some people in the experimental class stayed and never gave up, waiting for the last chance. Now that the results are announced, they are extremely disappointed.
Although some people had premonitions, they still felt very uncomfortable.
Wang Xuan was very calm and had already expected this result.
/Qin Cheng sighed and felt sorry for his friend. He really practiced his old skills and became famous, but was abandoned because the supernatural power at the end of deep space revealed the tip of the iceberg and another way appeared!
Xinxing chose Chaoren and officially gave up the old technique!
Qin Cheng and Wang Xuan chatted a lot. When they talked about the few friends in the class who left early, they felt sad for a while.
Fortunately, Wang Xuan stayed in his old land and could reunite with those people.
Qin Cheng asked him: “Aren’t you going to meet your girlfriend? She is about to return to Xinxing. If you don’t go, there will really be no chance. I’m afraid it will be difficult to see her again in the future.”
Wang Xuan shook his head: “We have been separated for more than a year, so I won’t send her off, lest her family members know about it and think too much about it, causing trouble to her. Let’s all be well.”
Qin Cheng sighed. There was an ex-girlfriend from Xinxing who put a lot of pressure on Wang Xuan at the beginning. The girl’s family was quite strong and they came directly to the old land to warn her several times.
“You were not selected this time. Could it be that her family members were trying to suppress you and prevent you from going to Xinxing?” Qin Cheng suddenly thought of this possibility.
Because Wang Xuan’s ex-girlfriend’s family is very unusual.
Although the old technique is now abandoned.
But looking back now, some people in the early days sent their children from Xinxing to learn old skills. They were obviously preparing for contact with