ese Dao elephants, and discerned the weak points of the Dao elephants. He used the stone ax to cut through melons and vegetables, and split all the Dao elephants in the way!

The stone ax finally came into contact with the main body of Shenqiao, and a terrifying repulsive force came. The fingers of Xu Ying’s hands were suddenly shattered by the shock, and the ten fingers exploded. His arms were dripping with blood, and the flesh and blood flew out and separated from the arm bones!
His arm bones were also cracked by the shock and kept exploding.
Suddenly, two more flesh-and-blood arms emerged from Xu Ying’s armpits. They were the physical skills in the “Ni Wan Hidden Scenery Immortality Technique”.
His two new arms grabbed the stone ax and slashed it with the ax again, and then the two new arms were blown apart. But at the same time, a new arm formed under his armpit, and he chopped it off with the ax again!
In this way, his arms were shattered dozens of times in a row, and finally there was a loud noise, and the stone ax in his hand suddenly exploded!
Although this stone ax has been repaired by Zhu Chanchan, it is not as good as before because it once suppressed the female immortal. It was already injured when Xu Ying used it to beat the twelve golden men, and now he sacrificed it and chopped it down several times. After ten times, I finally couldn’t bear it anymore and exploded!
“Master Zhong, come out!”
/Xu Ying stared at the divine bridge in front of him and shouted loudly. The big bell hid in the sea of ??chaos in Xu Ying’s mind and entered Xu Ying’s cave to draw energy and blood. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but tremble and shouted: “I won’t go out! ”
Even so, it still flew out unsteadily.
It can still tell which one is more important, a full meal or a full meal.
Sure enough, as soon as it flew out, Xu Ying with four arms caught Bell Nose. Dazhong said quickly: “Master Ying, please be gentle!”
Xu Ying’s energy and blood were furious. He swung the big bell and hit it hard on the sacred bridge in front of him. Most of the sacred bridge was originally cut off by the stone axe. Now it was hit hard by the big bell, making a crisp sound!
At the same time, the Huangling Jinren had already pulled out his two legs, but his head was hidden in his chest and he could not see the scene behind him.
He also knew something was wrong, and immediately reached behind him to grab it.
The big clock was horrifying, and they saw the sky-covering hand whizzing past their heads, and they quickly shouted: “Master Ying!”
/Xu Ying turned a blind eye and picked up the bell again and smashed it down!
“Master Ying!”
“Your uncle!”
Finally, the golden man realized where Xu Ying was and grabbed him with his big hands. However, with the sound of a bell, the sacred bridge was smashed!
The aura of the golden man in Huangling dropped sharply and was not as good as before, and the power of the big hand he grabbed was also greatly reduced.
Hearing a loud rumbling sound, Xu Ying avoided the fallin