u that my husband’s trouble is solved.”

Klein picked up a glass of champagne, raised it forward, and said with a smile:
“It’s a real joy, congratulations.”
He didn’t even mention that he was secretly helping.
/Vahana looked at him deeply, raised the red wine in her hand and said:
After touching each other lightly and taking a sip, Klein politely said sorry, put down the cup, and turned around to walk to the bathroom.
This is not because he wants to go above the gray fog, but simply because of the negative effects of the “Death Knell” revolver. He drinks too much water and plans to go there for convenience.
When he walked out of the bathroom, Klein looked up at the stairwell from the second floor to the third floor and found Hazel Macht walking down step by step. His steps were no longer hurried and his expression was calm.
Sure enough, there was no big problem. It was probably just the negative effects of the magical items on her body. He didn’t know what the effects were. Klein breathed a sigh of relief and casually glanced at the dance floor. During the interval between music changes, he walked over to a lady and invited her to dance.
And with Dwayne Dantes’ appearance and temperament, there is no doubt that he will not be rejected.
Just like this, while dancing, eating, chatting and eating, the dance slowly came to an end, and one by one the guests left.
The hall quickly became deserted, and while supervising the servants to tidy up, Mrs. Liana waved to her daughter Hazel Macht to come over.
“Mr. Dwayne Dantès’s performance is much better than I expected. Many ladies have asked me about his situation in private just now.” Mrs. Liana said implicitly, “Hazel, you just talked to Tang Mr. Theis was dancing and chatting. What do you think of him as a person? You are more mature than other girls of the same age. I trust your vision and judgment.”
She knew her daughter very well, so she deliberately added the last half of the sentence, otherwise Hazel might not be interested in answering in detail.
When facing her mother, Hazel was not so arrogant. She thought about it and said:
“He is not very familiar with this circle and tends to bring up topics that offend people, but he is very knowledgeable.”
“Very knowledgeable,” Mrs. Liana repeated her daughter’s words in surprise.
Based on her knowledge of Hazel, this is quite a high praise.
She couldn’t help but worry a little, fearing that her daughter would fall in love with Dwayne Dantès.
Hazel didn’t think highly of the marriageable gentlemen around her because they were too young, too shallow, and not capable enough. Dawn Dantès happened to be the type that precocious girls like, and Liana suddenly regretted inviting that gentleman to attend. prom.
She knew that with Hazel’s character, if she fell in love but encountered opposition, it was entirely possible for her to elope.
/Hazel seemed to be aware of her mother’s thoughts and said without any emotion:
“I only like men who are strong enough.”
Huliana secretly breathed a sigh of relief a