d Xu Ying. Just as he was about to land on Xu Ying’s shoulder, he suddenly heard the sound of a piano coming from a courtyard in front. It was the young master of the Gao family. Gao Xingqian is playing the piano.

The sound of the piano was filled with resentment at first, as if a master was depressed and frustrated, and then as if a noble lady was dissatisfied with her desires.
Young Master Gao Xingqian’s piano music became louder again, like a master with high fighting spirit, demanding a fight from Xu Ying to prove himself, or like a noble lady with excessive demands and unquenchable desires.
Young Master Gao Xingqian, dressed in white, was sitting in the courtyard of the Immortal Palace, playing the harp, with a smile on his face, studying a volume of harp music he had found.
When he saw Xu Ying rushing into the courtyard, he couldn’t help laughing. He pushed the guqin aside with both hands and said loudly: “Xu Yaowang, I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”
At this moment, a strange snake with black and white horns swooped from behind Xu Ying and said angrily: “Take a hammer! If you want to hit me, hit me. Don’t be pretentious!”
Young Master Gao Xingqian was horrified when he saw the big snake with a body like a Taoist elephant, and the sound of thunder in every movement and movement, and it was attacking.
The explosion of magical power made him feel that if he couldn’t catch it, he would be killed by this big snake!
He desperately encouraged his cultivation and activated the Gao family’s god Xiaotian Zhengyin. A thousand-armed god appeared behind him, holding various treasures and approaching Anchi Qi!
The collision between a man and a snake shocked Gao Xingqian to the point where his blood boiled, and the Thousand-Armed God behind him was also shocked to the point where many of his arms were broken.
An Qi’s tail swept heavily, setting off a roaring wind. The extremely thick tail knocked Gao Xingqian and the thousand-armed god backwards.
He hit the wall and knew something was wrong. He immediately offered up the golden elixir and shouted: “Monster, Xu Demon King is my opponent. Who do you think you are?”
A golden elixir flew over. It was bigger, more crystal clear, and more energetic than his. It was the golden elixir of An Qi!
/The two golden elixirs collided, causing water, wind, and fire to surge wildly across several acres of land!
/Gao Xingqian vomited blood, his knees softened, and he knelt on the ground. He then grabbed the ground with his face and passed out.
An Qi put away the golden elixir and hurried away to catch up with Xu Ying. Xu Ying had already walked around the courtyard, but did not find the mural, so he entered the next palace.
An Qi rushed in and saw the crown prince Li Tingshu studying and comprehending a picture of flying immortals on the wall.
Xian Qi didn’t wait for Xu Ying’s instructions, and immediately rushed over. He first used the golden elixir to suppress the Li Ting tree, and then swept it with his tail, sweeping the unprepared Li Ting tree awa