A trumpet sounded, and thousands of voices turned into the same torrent.
“See Chaos Lord!”
On the throne, Xu Ying was stunned. When he raised his head, he saw countless strange people transformed from chaotic creatures paying homage to him.
“Am I the Chaos Lord?”
Xu Ying’s head was buzzing, and he didn’t react for a while. He stayed where he was. After a while, he remembered that he was still sitting on the throne of the Chaos Lord. He quickly stood up and said: “You guys, get up quickly!”
“Thank you Lord Chaos!” Those strange people transformed from chaotic creatures said in unison.
Xu Ying waved his hands and said with a smile: “You have recognized the wrong person. I am not a Chaos Lord. My name is Xu Ying. I am from the Three Realms and have nothing to do with the Chaos Lord. My cultivation strength is not that good either. I am much inferior to you.” . Where is the Chaos Lord? Brother Tao, don’t make this joke with me.”
/He suddenly woke up and said, “Is the Taoist brother in the black coffin the Chaos Lord?”
Black Coffin suddenly retracted the chain and quietly flew away from behind him to avoid being implicated by him.
/Xu Ying noticed that the cause and effect of the thousands of existences that worshiped him just now fell on him. It seemed that with the sound of “Lord of Chaos”, he established a causal connection with these existences.
Xu Ying was panicked. His attainments in the Path of Cause and Effect were advancing by leaps and bounds, and he was on the verge of reaching the end of the path.
However, the Avenue of Cause and Effect is now just a link in his acquired avenue. No matter how he grows, he cannot escape from the scope of the acquired avenue, so he has no worries.
What he is worried about is the title of Chaos Lord.
The Chaos Lord is definitely a highly dangerous profession. The Chaos Lord has repeatedly dealt with the Dao Alliance and the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. The Dao League and Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty regard him as a thorn in their side!
Moreover, among the countless universes in the Chaos Sea, countless people had sworn to the Chaos Lord, but because they violated their oaths, they were directly turned into nothing. Even the Taoist Lords died countless times!
Becoming a Chaos Lord is definitely a target of public criticism!
At this time, more chaotic creatures seemed to have received some message and were coming from outside the Great Rift Valley of the Chaos Sea.
They swam into the Great Rift Valley and turned into human beings one after another. Of course, some of them were not human beings. They each came to the outside of the Immortal Palace of Chaos Mountain to worship Xu Ying.
Xu Ying said to Chaos Zhong: “Brother Zhong Dao, I am not the Chaos Lord, there is someone else. You know better than anyone else!”
The Chaos Clock still hung above his head, motionless, as if everything in front of him had nothing to do with it.
Xu Ying woke up and said with a smile: “Brother Zhong Dao, you are the Lord of Chaos, right? In fact, they are not worshiping me, but you!