of the Celestial Realm are constantly changing, the sun and the moon are shifting, the stars and rivers are changing, and everything is upside down.

Different kinds of heavenly beings are fighting against each other, the earth, water, wind and fire are gushing out, the world of heaven and immortals is in chaos, and the colors in the sky are changing.
However, Ming Dao Emperor seemed to turn a blind eye to this, and still stood firmly in the air, with his clothes floating behind him, and behind him was the entire Longting Imperial Capital.
The imperial capital is blooming with brilliance, which is his magic weapon for enlightenment.
This treasure is connected to the great avenue of heaven and earth in the entire heavenly world, forming a scenic scene of thousands of rays of light coming towards you. Its majesty is so powerful that it makes people tremble!
As long as his Dragon Court Imperial Capital moves, he can suppress the distant ancestors and ancestral gods, or he can sweep away the dragon clan elders.
However, he still didn’t move.
“I understand Ming Dao Emperor’s concerns!”
Xu Ying suddenly realized, “This time I defeated Emperor Mingxi and chopped Prince Hongbo with an axe, just to show him that I am personally very strong and can defeat them. But this does not mean that Xindao can stand side by side on the other side. Therefore Emperor Mingdao was hesitant!” ”
Choosing Xu Ying to suppress the elders of the Dragon Clan would be to become the enemy of Bian An. He had to consider Bian An’s reaction and the damage it would cause to the Dragon Clan.
Choosing the other side means that the harvest will come sooner or later.
As the emperor of the Dragon Clan, he couldn’t gamble.
At this moment, the fog came in, and time seemed to freeze. In the fog, the old emperor Ming Xun came and stood firmly with the ancestors, Yuanzu and others.
The corners of Ming Dao Emperor’s eyes moved, and he was about to make a decision when suddenly the True King Cangzhu appeared and said in a deep voice: “Your Majesty, the Immortal True King Yin Yuanzi knows that his disciple Hong Bo is dead and is about to arrive, why don’t you welcome him?”
/Emperor Mingdao shook his body and said loudly: “All dragon clans listen to the order, put down their swords and weapons, put away the caves and abyss, and follow me to welcome the true king!”
Many elders of the Dragon Clan hesitated for a moment after hearing this, and many elders put away their caves and magic weapons. But there are still nearly half of the elders who have not put it away.
Emperor Ming Dao said to King Cang Zhuzhen: “Brother Dao, please tell me.”
King Cangzhu Zhen said: “Put away the cave abyss and the magic weapon, and prepare to welcome the True King Dharma on the other side!”
After hearing this, the elders put away their magic weapons and cave abyss.
Xu Ying saw this and felt a slight movement in his heart: “The power of True King Cangzhu is enough to compete with Ming Dao Emperor. It seems that Emperor Ming Dao is not the only one who has the final say in L