re, then he cannot sacrifice the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extermination Immortal Formation and the Purple Netherworld Sword. Xu Ying immediately sacrifices the Buddha beads without thinking!

He urged the Buddha beads to the extreme. Each beads was like a giant Buddha, rotating around Xu Ying’s palm and meeting the colorful sacred tree!
The sacred tree suddenly shattered.
/Xiao Xixian immediately changed his moves and used another of Xu Ying’s magical powers to turn the world around. Suddenly the world was reversed, causing chaos in the Dao phenomena in Xu Ying’s palm.
Although this magical power was created by Xu Ying, its power is far greater than that of Xu Ying. The main reason is that Xiao Xixian’s cultivation is so powerful that the magical power explodes with astonishing power.
The fight turned the world upside down, almost turning everything inside Xu Ying’s body upside down.
Xu Ying immediately moved his head and feet, urging Douzhuan Qiankun to reverse the situation. However, Xiancha was too fast and crashed into him!
/Xiao Xixian stood on the bow of the ship, raised his right arm high, and chopped it off with a wave of his hand. A great abyss of burial tore through the time and space of the ancestral court. Xu Ying’s body appeared in the center of this great crack, and his physical body and soul were almost torn to pieces!
The great burial abyss pulled him and fell into the boundless darkness.
Xu Ying activated the Buddha beads, and one hundred and eight giant Buddhas rotated and danced around him. The Buddha’s light was bright and flew out of the great abyss.
Xiao Xixian raised his hand to take a picture of the incomplete mountain seal, but saw a majestic mountain falling from the sky and crashing down on Xu Ying!
At this critical moment, a familiar name suddenly appeared in Xu Ying’s mind, and he hurriedly shouted: “Joy! I remember your name, your name is Joy!”
Xiao Xixian was sure to win this blow. Hearing this, he suddenly became confused and recalled the time when he stood confused between the flames and the corpse, crying loudly.
A slender figure stepped across the flames, walked toward her, and squatted down in front of her. It was a boy who was not much older than her.
“Little sister, what’s your name?” the young man asked.
She didn’t answer.
The young man smiled and said, “You cry so miserably, shall I call you Joy?”
He straightened up and looked into the distance: “Let’s go. Take me forward, and I will avenge you.”
She took the young man to the bandit’s cottage. The young man took her into the cottage. After a while, he left corpses on the ground.
The young man said goodbye to her and walked into the heavy snow. But she followed the boy, trudging forward through heavy snow up to her waist, and followed him without saying a word.
The young man looked back at her but did not drive her away.
She followed him like this until he became famous all over the world.
The blood of her relatives was on her body, dyeing her clothes red. From then on, she always liked to wear red