the six caves behind Xu Ying penetrated the fairy world, instantly increasing his cultivation strength by more than ten times!

Xu Ying greeted the tenth day. For a moment, the bright light in front of his eyes flickered, illuminating people’s eyes. Then the tenth day dimmed and was almost shattered by his palm.
Jin Yiqi raised his hand and used the Donghuang Pingtian Jue to meet Xu Ying’s palm. The hibiscus tree sprouted out from behind him. He rose again in ten days and flew around Xu Ying, like a furnace composed of ten great suns, trying to turn Xu Ying into ashes!
At the same time, the hibiscus tree fell, and its branches were composed of countless Dao images. Just like the Dao, a long whip was drawn down, which could hit the physical body or the soul!
And behind the hibiscus tree, his majestic soul fluttered its wings, and three sharp wings stretched out, grabbing Xu Ying’s shoulders and head!
At the same time, his wings slashed forward, and the golden feathers spread out in layers, like the sharpest and most beautiful blades in the world, slashing towards the soul of Promise!
However, Xu Ying did not resist at all.
His soul’s wings struck Xu Ying’s soul, sizzling, leaving two strings of bright sparks, and then his wings were caught by his soul.
Just hearing a whoosh, Jin Yiqi Yuanshen was grabbed by two wings and smashed on the rushing Jinlan Yuanshen. The two Yuanshen rolled over and fell backward!
At the same time, the branches of the hibiscus tree struck Xu Ying, leaving traces of blood, but they healed as soon as they appeared, as if they had never existed.
/And those ten rounds of great sun smelting can reach a hundred times the temperature of the sun in an instant, and even immortals will be turned into fly ash!
Xu Ying was burned red, but his palm burst out of the flames and collided with Jin Yiqi’s palm!
Jin Yiqi groaned and stepped back. At the same time, two of his three legs flew up, bang bang, one kicked Xu Ying in the head, and the other kicked Xu Ying in the ribs.
Xu Ying was swept so that his body tilted, but he grinned, straightened up, and suddenly raised his leg to sweep away. There was a loud bang, and Jin Yiqi was hit on the head by this sweep. His neck seemed to be broken, and he rolled over. Roll to one side and smash!
Behind Xu Ying, Jin Daoli and Jin Lan came together to fight, one on the left and the other on the right, hitting Xu Ying on the back, catching him off guard.
But the next moment, a horrifying scene appeared for the two of them. On the back of Xu Ying’s head, his hair parted, his flesh and blood grew, and two faces appeared on the left and right.
These two faces were exactly the same as Xu Ying’s, but one was ferocious and the other was full of hostility, and four arms grew out of it.
Xu Ying laughed heartily, spinning around with three faces and six arms, attacking the two of them like a whirlwind.
Jin Daoli and Jin Lan also practiced the Donghuang Pingtian Technique. Their combat power was astonishing and they had an astonishing variety of attack methods.