wards Cangwu Secret Realm.

The giant was the owner of Niwan Palace. He found the battlefield between Nuo Dai and Cang Wu, and when he saw Nuo Dai’s corpse, he felt awe-inspiring and whispered: “It’s too late. Now, only Nuo Lu’s hands are left in Nuo Zu Cave. Yuchi Cave is like a paradise.”
Suddenly, his heart moved slightly and he disappeared.
/After a while, the sky suddenly opened and an abyss emerged.
The master of Niwan Palace felt awe-struck, “Wei Xu has also come here after us. His hands and eyes are really astute!”
A young man flew out of the abyss of the Wei Ruins. He was rich and noble in rich clothes. He landed on the auspicious clouds and swept across the battlefield quickly.
When the young man saw Nuo Da’s body, he couldn’t help frowning and whispered: “It’s too late again. Master heard that the six old people who pretended to be ghosts on Kunlun Mountain were injured and escaped from Kunlun, so he asked me to hunt these six. You’re an old guy, I didn’t expect that I would be one step behind in every aspect. Nuo Yang was also taken over not long ago, and now, only that Nuo Lu is left.”
The young man sighed, suddenly alert, and shouted: “Who?”
His eyes were like lightning, and he looked towards the hiding place where the master of Niwan Palace was hiding. He suddenly raised his hand and slapped the master of Niwan Palace with his palm!
The owner of Niwan Palace didn’t care at first, but suddenly his expression changed drastically. Behind the young man, he saw a dazzling jade pool with fairy light emerging, thousands of miles of blue waves, and the glow was like a tide, extremely gorgeous!
/With the eruption of the Yaochi, the young man’s magic power suddenly became extremely powerful, even surpassing that of him, a fisherman who had harvested an unknown number of people!
The master of Niwan Palace immediately appeared, and six caves appeared behind him. He raised his hand to greet him.
The vitality under his feet exploded, forming more than a dozen immortal formations of various sizes, meeting the young man’s palm. Immortal runes also flashed around, displaying immortal magical powers!
The two people, one big and one small, met with their palms. The moment the power exploded, the owner of Niwan Palace retreated, jumped up, and swam away like a fish and dragon, escaping into the abyss of Cangwu.
The young man looked surprised: “He actually received my palm without being injured? This person is really powerful, I am afraid he is the best person in the world!”
The owner of Niwan Palace escaped into the Cangwu Abyss, shook his arms twice, and whispered: “The people from Wei Xu have also set out to look for the six major Nuo ancestral caves. They will definitely find Xu Ying. Now Xu Ying has three major The Nuo Ancestor Cave Heaven, but he doesn’t understand the ancestral method, so I’m afraid he still can’t compete with that young man’s Yao Chi.”
He shook his arms twice more to suppress the invading violent mana, feeling a little horrified in his heart: “What on earth is t