ms and love letters, but it is almost impossible to express his love in public. An Nuan watched the video many times, and Liu Changan just explained The truth of the matter was that although his tone was very gentle and made An Nuan’s heart beat, he never explicitly said that he liked An Nuan from the beginning to the end. He just said that An Nuan was beautiful.

Complimenting a girl on her beauty is a common thing for Liu Changan, right? Being a bystander is an opinion. An Nuan, who is deeply involved in it, is worried about gains and losses, but he is inevitably uneasy and wants to think more.
/An Nuan ate a few mouthfuls of rice, drank water, and looked at the stinky tofu store not far away. It was hard to tell whether it was tourists or patrons. There was a long queue. The heat rose in the big iron pot, and a few pieces of black… The stinky tofu was pierced with long bamboo chopsticks and topped with bright red chili oil and sauce. It was really mouth-watering before it even entered your mouth.
“The most important thing about stinky tofu is actually the seasoning of the sauce. The tofu needs to be fried crispy and tender. This is a technical job and the unique secret recipe of each major brand.” Liu Changan followed An Nuan’s eyes and looked over.
“Liu Changan, you haven’t been in love in three years of high school. Don’t you feel sorry?” An Nuan interrupted Liu Changan’s desire to gossip. This man is really good at gossiping. He can quote scriptures and arguments for everything, and trace it back to the present. After talking a lot, An Nuan was afraid that he would start talking about stinky tofu again from the selection of soybeans, grinding, water source, production, etc., so he couldn’t help blurting out.
Liu Changan looked at An Nuan.
An Nuan was a little flustered, her eyelashes lowered to cover her twinkling eyes. She wasn’t even sure what answer she wanted, and she didn’t know what she was expecting. Did she really expect something to happen, or did she just want to be certain? What.
/Liu Changan hesitated for a moment and said a little embarrassedly: “Does online dating count?”
An Nuan secretly screamed in her heart, “Oh no, that’s bad. Is she as passionate as Bai Hui?” Only then did An Nuan realize that what she wanted to confirm most was whether Liu Changan had a good impression of her. As for other things, she was not mentally prepared yet.
So An Nuan relaxed her upright posture, took a few more bites of food, and then said casually, “Online dating, forget it.”
That’s right, Liu Changan just explained what happened three years ago that day. He just thought she was prettier than Bai Hui. It didn’t mean that he still had some special feelings for her three years later.
That’s fine. After all, the college entrance examination is about to take place. She shouldn’t have random thoughts. Even if Liu Changan really has a crush on her, she won’t agree to it. Liu Changan spends all day doing nothing, and likes to tease girls.
What’s more, all he had to do was prove that he was better-looking than B