heart, knowing that he did not dare to fuse the two light balls of physical skills knowledge.

Under this circumstance, his physical skills have greatly improved. What is the reason?
David’s eyes moved on the attribute panel, and finally he fixed his eyes on Spirit: 2.8 (1).
Among all his attributes, this attribute should be the only one that showed unknown changes. He extremely suspected that the Shadow Warrior had absorbed the soul of the deceased and strengthened his spirit.
/Especially his sudden progress is more like something that can only be achieved by a genius, and the source of genius may be spiritual improvement.
Of course, as to whether Shadow Warrior absorbs souls to increase his spirit, we need to have another opportunity to find out if Shadow Warrior absorbs new souls in the future.
/When David, who was extremely excited, turned off the attribute panel, he couldn’t help but look at the only orange knowledge light ball in the body of the Shadow Warrior, the sniper (20% proficiency) knowledge light ball.
He stabilized his mind. He didn’t know where this sniper (20% proficiency) knowledge light ball came from, but he knew that this was his only chance to become a sniper soldier, and he could not waste this sniper (20% proficiency). % Proficient) Knowledge Light Orb.
David didn’t understand how there could be one person among a bunch of star-chasers who could practice sniping to 20% proficiency.
Such a being must be a soldier, or a rare breed of sniper soldier among soldiers.
But soon he thought of another possibility. The reason why the people in the bookstore died was because of the flying shuttle fragments on the ground. The sniper soldier was most likely the one in the flying shuttle.
Everyone who died in the bookstore was caused by this sniper soldier, and David himself almost died in the explosion.
David breathed a long sigh of relief. He disconnected from the Shadow Warrior and then stood up. Currently, he had no way to control the Shadow Warrior while also controlling his own body.
He patted the dust on his body. This action was his habitual action, but this house was managed by Emma’s intelligent management, so there was no dust on the ground.
Suddenly he stopped, for he patted his pocket, where there was an item which he had forgotten.
David took out the metal cylinder and was upset that he didn’t hand it over when he saw the police.
At that time, his mind was stunned by the scene of corpses strewn on the ground. How could he have thought of this matter.
And now if he hands over the metal cylinder again, he will be in trouble. He obtained it illegally and it may have an impact on his college entrance examination.
“No one saw it anyway, and no one said anything about it!” Holding the metal cylinder in his hand, David made an immediate decision in his heart.
The question is, what exactly is this metal cylinder?
He had never seen this object in his memory. It looked a bit like a small monocular telescope.
He placed the metal cylinder in front of his right eye, and then he saw a co