leaf of the immortal elixir, and the purple elixir immediately dropped Zhu Chanchan, flew over excitedly, and landed on Xu Ying’s shoulder.

An Qi complained: “Master Cao still controlled me yesterday. I originally planned to go to Emei to find you, but I was controlled by it.”
Xu Ying said blankly: “Aba Aba?”
An Qi’s hair stood on end and he didn’t dare to say any more. Da Zhong shouted: “Si Cao, you are dead, you dare to even touch A Ying! I will tell Lord Jin!”
/The purple fairy grass controlled Xu Ying and snatched one of its leaves from him. She counted her head and saw that there were four leaves, and she felt very happy.
Jin Buyi was awakened by the big bell, and immediately lowered his long neck, and came to the controlled Xu Ying with his bird head, showing his fierce look, and shouted: “Fuck, do you know how powerful Master Jin is? Let him go quickly, otherwise Master Jin bar?”
Jin Buyi had a piece of purple grass on his head. He raised his head in confusion, looked around, and asked doubtfully: “Aba Aba?”
An Qi and Dazhong were horrified, looking at the purple fairy grass together, trembling.
Seeing this, Xu Ying shouted: “Master Cao, let go of Master Jin! Look what’s in my hand?”
He was about to take out the last leaf of the elixir of immortality, but he came up empty-handed. He was wondering: “Weird, where did my leaves go? They were still there just now!”
He didn’t know anything about the purple fairy grass controlling him just now!
Zhu Chanchan also woke up. Seeing his appearance, she hurriedly said: “Hao Jing has not been finished yet. Since you are fine, I will go back to Hao Jing first! Master Jiang is still waiting for me to go back!”
Xu Ying said quickly: “Chanchan, Emperor Zhou will come back at some time, be careful he chops your head off!”
Zhu Chanchan came to his side and whispered: “The grass on the grave is ominous. I have been living in a haze these days, sometimes sober and sometimes chaotic. It is because it has done something to me. I will not die until Hao Jing is perfected.” Don’t worry, I won’t let Hao Jing make it. Farewell, farewell!”
She said to Feilaifeng, flew away in a panic, and suddenly flew back, shouting: “I have taken away 30% of your water. Next time something good like this happens, remember to inform me. If the amount is large, I will give it to you. Discount!”
Xu Ying watched her go away and thought to himself: “Master Cao really scared this girl away. However, there is true love in the world. Master Cao controls other people but does not control me. We are friends of life and death!”
The purple fairy grass controlled Jin Buyi to fly around and spit fire everywhere. Xu Ying saw the right moment and grabbed the head of the purple fairy grass and pulled it out of Jin Buyi’s body.
Xiancao was so angry that he fought with one person and one grass, and the fight turned upside down.
Xu Ying was beaten until his nose started to bleed, so he grabbed the purple fairy grass by its neck, hit his knees hard at the intersection of its roots, and beat the fairy gr