n. Not only was there no fault, but he also It’s meritorious!”

“It turns out that Lu Ziwei has made outstanding contributions. When Yu reports to His Majesty, Emperor Long Yan will definitely be rewarded with great joy.”
Yu Tao smiled and nodded, and asked again: “How is King Xi’s condition? Does he have any missing arms or legs?”
“Don’t worry, Master Yu. My two brothers respect King Xi’s family very much. King Xi eats well and sleeps well, and the princess is not wearing out.”
“That’s good. His Majesty sent Yu here to ask for help.”
Hu San has been working at the grassroots level for many years and has rich experience in the industry. Not long after he was promoted to the purple guard, he perfectly fulfilled his status as a dog official.
Yu Tao knew that he could do things reliably and would not be caught with pigtails, so he asked a few questions without saying much and conveyed the wishes of the capital.
“The ancestors of the King of the West have made great contributions to Jiangshan Sheji. Even if the descendants make mistakes, they can be dealt with lightly because of the protection of the ancestors. You and the King of the West will deal with this matter privately and don’t make any big noise.”
Yu Tao looked around and reminded: “I come here this time, seemingly to support you, but in fact I am impartial. You will give up when you see it, and don’t pursue the Xiwang Mansion.”
Understood, we must pursue him relentlessly. It is best to destroy the Xiwang Mansion.
Hu San nodded with understanding. He had just cut through the East Prince’s Mansion. It was not appropriate for the royal family to openly attack the West Prince’s Mansion. It had to be done in private. In order to prevent the West Prince’s Mansion from being too stubborn, Yu Tao was specially sent to distract him.
As for the dissatisfaction of the clan and dignitaries, the emperor clapped his hands and said that it had nothing to do with him and that it was all the officials below who made their own decisions.
There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how Wu Zhou is. He doesn’t dare to take the blame for big things. What use does His Majesty ask you?
What, you say you can be greedy but still show filial piety every year?
Laugh to death, who wouldn’t?
/The two of them nodded tacitly, and Yu Tao, as the Xuanwei of the Xuanyin Division and the referee of this mediation, took the blame. But he can’t bear everything and play the image of a weak boss who is not strict with his subordinates. If there is a settlement one day, this matter will at most be a misdemeanor of incompetence.
/Hu San and Hu Si carry small pots, with Yu Tao in front of them. They are responsible for asking for high prices, but if one day the accounts are settled later, the two brothers will be sentenced to a serious crime.
Fortunately, the problem is not big. Hu Er is not a decoration. Previously, Hu IV tarnished the innocence of the eldest princess. She was the emperor’s biological sister. The crime was serious enough, so it was nothing wrong.
“By the way, where is Lu