mixed and decaying aura that was carried out by the Sumeru storm. It is said that it is because among the holy land sects in Zhongzhou that have truly survived for many years, there are especially The ancient treasure weapons passed down from ancient times and closely related to the Dharma lineage were smelted and cast from such incomparable ancient mines.”

When he heard this, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt that Gong Wanzhu’s voice seemed to gently lift an expected curtain in front of him.
That mixed and ancient aura of decay, as if it were even more distant from the existence of this world, has already blown into the mind of the Taoist.
Furthermore, even Gong Wanzhu’s slightly deep voice became more leisurely and unpredictable in Chu Weiyang’s ears.
“This kind of mineral vein only once existed in a certain world. It was condensed because of the unique interweaving and interweaving of heaven and earth. However, since that ancient era disappeared, those who used it to refine materials in the past have And the treasured weapon passed down from generation to generation became the final swan song.
These are all vague statements made by the old Taoist. The disciple was also present at the time and saw clearly. Obviously, the breath of the so-called ancient mineral vein itself was revealed to the world, which shocked the mind of the old man, and he lost his mind for a moment. , which made the octogenarian elder almost murmur to himself.
But after the elder really regained his composure, he suddenly became silent and stopped saying anything. When someone asked repeatedly, he would only say something like ‘taboo’ or ‘secret’, until someone came up with something like When the elder who was acquainted with the elder and who was also in the realm of golden elixir asked again, he said the four words “Xiantian Wu Tai” in a rather cryptic way.
After saying that, the elder remained silent, no matter who asked, he would not say another word.
Come to think of it, there is really a big silent secret in this! ”
When the words “Five Innate Empresses” fell into Chu Weiyang’s ears, the Taoist had already understood.
/At this moment, the insights of this so-called great monk who studied heaven and man, and Chu Weiyang’s own speculations and deductions, were silently consistent and confirmed with each other.
And just when Gong Wanzhu naturally showed his curiosity about secrets and unknowns as abundant as his talents as a talented monk, Chu Weiyang had even changed from the concept of “Five Innate Masters” to a new one. Further anchoring the so-called Xumi fragment’s heels.
“It’s Yanxuan Taishi Heaven Realm.”
/“What is Yanxuan Taishi Heaven?”
And thinking about it carefully, Chu Weiyang can also understand why a talented Taoist like Gong Wanzhu, who was born in the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian, can be so confused and ignorant about the layout of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. And ignorance can almost be compared with the claustrophobic cultivators in the Three Yuan Realm.
After all, if we talk about the theory o