s to share his feelings and understandings of Taiyin evil spirits, and even all kinds of evil spirits. It was revealed unreservedly in front of Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and ideas, allowing the Taoist to browse through her mind and memory at will.

But just these things made Xiao Yuluo still uneasy.
The experience of being alone at sea for a long time made Xiao Yuluo habitually prepare for the worst no matter what kind of events or processes he faced.
In fact, when Chu Weiyang was performing the magical method of “Taiyin Refining” and started knocking on the door, the aura of hundreds of flowers in Xiao Yuluo’s hand was already shining for a long time. As long as there was any disharmony in Chu Weiyang’s flash, It directly shows the extremely prosperous means of Baihua Tower.
The evil energy of the hundred flowers turns into a net of Taoism, just like the heavenly robe of hundreds of flowers. It may be able to cut off 70% to 80% of the power of the torrent of evil energy from the Taiyin in an instant.
And perhaps it was this brief moment of breathing room that, to Chu Weiyang, was the difference between life and death, the difference between success and failure.
Even if things go wrong, Xiao Yuluo can turn the net of Taoism and form the Hundred Flowers Sumeru Dharma Array.
Although she has never refined Baijie Yunfang and can use the power of Sumeru as easily as her disciple Shi Yuting, Xiao Yuluo himself has mastered these Taoist methods, and through Chu Weiyang’s long-lasting Five Elements The infusion of the Escape Technique and the majestic Taoist rhyme of the Xumi Formation actually taught Xiao Yuluo to make up for and improve from another level.
When necessary, Xiao Yuluo will use the Hundred Flowers Sumeru Array to move Chu Weiyang out of the Taiyin Refining Mysterious Coffin!
In fact, in order to avoid disturbing Chu Weiyang’s forward-thinking state of mind, Chun Yuzhi and Xiao Yuluo never said these things in advance, but they unanimously made such a plan.
These were two great monks at the Golden Core realm, protecting Chu Weiyang silently and without leaving a trace.
Fortunately, now we finally have a foolproof picture.
Despite the strong worries he had earlier, for Xiao Yuluo at this moment, Chu Weiyang’s achievements were so refreshing and fascinating.
Moreover, this kind of yearning itself, especially for Xiao Yuluo, is not an unattainable existence. Chu Weiyang’s outstanding achievements, for Xiao Yuluo, are comparable to his own three elements. What resonates can penetrate the physical body, can be touched, felt, and tasted
/It is precisely because of this that Xiao Yuluo Xu was overly excited, and that strong joyful emotion did not arise in Chu Weiyang’s mind, but instead exploded in Xiao Yuluo’s mind.
The next moment, Xiao Yuluo leaned down and looked at Chu Weiyang with bright eyes that were almost bursting with magical flames. Because Chu Weiyang was promoted to the golden elixir realm, the essence of the soul became part of the origin of Jianwan. He also benefited, and because of this Th