off his hat again, saluted, then opened the door and left, returning to the deck.

Under the gaze of “Viscount Fear” Birdmastan and others, he raised his arms.
His body shrank rapidly, and the feather mask on his face spread out. In just two or three seconds, he turned into a normal red-headed sea eagle.
The red-headed sea eagle immediately flapped its wings and flew sideways into the dark wind and rain, disappearing from the sight of the pirates on the Black Emperor.
This is the demigod. Birdmastan looked up in the air and sighed.
Although reaching Sequence 5 and moving forward, the tendency of madness and loss of control will become more and more serious, which will lead to a great possibility of failure of the Beyonder’s promotion. However, the name of Demigod and Half Man is still attractive, because as long as you successfully take that step, You can gain divinity and change the essence of life. Both lifespan and ability will be completely beyond the scope of human beings and superior.
In the steam-sail hybrid passenger ship, Klein gave up control of the red-headed sea eagle and let it fall into the sea where no one could see it, becoming food for fish.
At this moment, the passengers on the passenger ship were very nervous because the “Black Emperor” was about to approach.
In fact, this was what was going to happen a few minutes ago, but for some reason, the “Black Emperor” ignored the passenger ship and went straight forward. The passenger ship did not take the opportunity to get away, but instead circled around the “Black Emperor” and kept moving. A few hundred meters away.
This weird situation lasted for a while and finally ended. The two ships were only a few dozen meters apart.
The “Black Emperor” crossed the passenger ship from the side and sailed into the night of wind and rain, never to return.
The passengers and crew members stared blankly, and it took several minutes before they finally realized a fact:
The Black Emperor left without any attempt to plunder
Some passengers cheered, some burst into tears, some collapsed weakly and relaxed themselves. Only a few remained awake, full of doubts about what had just happened, but unable to come up with an answer that fit all the situations, so they could only ask themselves. Comforted:
/“The Black Emperor should have completed a robbery. This is a passenger ship and not a cargo ship, so the other party did not take a fancy to it.”
When a sense of joy filled the entire ship, Klein, who looked like Dwayne Dantès, turned his gaze to the north.
Compared to Nast, the “King of the Five Seas” who had only met Russell a few times, there was another person who was more familiar with this emperor:
“Queen of Mystery” Bernadette
This lady, who is also a pirate king like Nast, often appears in Backlund recently.
/“When we return to Backlund, let the Star Admiral contact the Queen of Mystery and try to meet her again as soon as possible.” Klein retracted his gaze, closed the curtains, and lay back on the bed.
The waters of the Rhoside Islands, aboard the