where Li Yongsheng rented.

where Li Yongsheng rented.
Of course, some people couldn’t stand her being so arrogant, so they asked their companions in a low voice who she was, and then four words quickly spread among the crowd – black clothes, square scarf.
The North Korean Security Bureau, which is a department directly under the Inner Court’s Department of Ceremonies, is more arrogant than the Military Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Military Service, and it can stop children from crying at night.
Yes, Wei Yue, the immediate boss of the Chaoan Security Bureau, seems to have many choices in the capital and cannot afford to offend many people, but that is in the capital, and in Zhangde Mansion, he is invincible.
Not to mention Zhangde Mansion, even if the governor of Yuzhou County came, he would not dare to do anything to Yan Jiu.
As for the middle-aged police officer, he didn’t even have the guts to verify Yan Jiu’s identity – otherwise, being killed with a knife would be considered cheap, and he was afraid that even if he wanted to die, he wouldn’t be able to die, and his whole family would be affected.
/The North Korean Security Bureau is so terrifying.
After entering the yard, we closed the door and everyone talked about today’s events in detail.
The reason is very simple, it is really because of the charcoal purchase, the Lin family shop – Mr. Lin, the co-author, has a good background.
The Lin family in Yecheng was once a large family. However, it suffered an unexpected decline and then experienced successive difficulties. Now there are only two families left. One moved to Chaoge Mansion next door, while the remaining family in Yecheng There are only a dozen direct men left.
The Lin family’s basic base is not small, but the population is not prosperous, so some properties are being targeted. A few days ago, someone went to a restaurant to cause trouble, and the Lin family seriously injured the other party. As a result, several people were arrested.
The Lin family relied on their connections to look for people everywhere, but the general magistrate of Zhangde Mansion said that the second son of the Lin family was a good son-in-law for my family.
The general magistrate is equivalent to the deputy prefect, which is a sign of appreciation for Erlang of the Lin family.
But the Lin family doesn’t want to. My son, Erlang, is currently studying well in the Yuzhou monastery. He has a good chance of studying in the monastery. There is also a great chance of going to the monastery in the future. If you want to marry a girl, you can discuss it. The marriage will be exempted. Come on.
It should be pointed out that the people who wanted to seize the Lin family’s property were the Xi family, a large local family, and the third son of Tong Fan married the daughter of the Xi family.
As soon as the Lin family refused, all the properties were faced with difficulties, including the charcoal shop.
However, although the Xi family is strong, they still have to be wary of the Lin family – it would be bad to force them to