u still want to kill someone?”

u still want to kill someone?”
At this moment, the security guard who was squatting on the ground to examine the injury spoke, “Did he kill someone? I didn’t. See, but you may be involved in killing people. This man was stabbed in the stomach, and his intestines came out.”
The two attendants had been rescued from the lake, one of them had broken arms, and the other had a wound on his stomach. There was a big hole, and blood kept flowing out, soon staining the wet clothes red.
Li Yongsheng sighed helplessly, “I said, I don’t ask you to protect me, but we are all Chinese after all, so we can’t turn our elbows outward, right?” ”
/Our security work is only based on facts,” said the squatting security guard When giving first aid to someone, another security guard looked at Prince Ann Baker and asked, “Do you have any medicine for injuries?” When you
get up early for a walk, who still has medicine for injuries? The woman who had pointed at Li Yongsheng screamed and ran away to get the medicine.
Not long after, several more security guards came over. The first one was the security captain of the villa, a high-level cultivator, and two cultivators from the medical office came with him.
In fact, the injuries of the two injured ones have basically been controlled. In the society of cultivators, such injuries are nothing.
The security captain was a middle-aged and thin man. He had a general understanding of the situation, waved his hand to Li Yongsheng, and said calmly and powerfully, “Now, tell me your identity.”
“Senior of Bolingben Monastery,” Li Yongsheng also said at this time. Unable to hide it anymore, he took out his guide and handed it over.
The security captain took a brief look at the tour guide, and the doubts in his mind greatly increased, “Why did you come to Chaoyang Villa to stay?”
“The Government Affairs Council summoned me,” Li Yongsheng, of course, would not say anything about transfer students now, and directly raised the banner , “The chief priest of the seminary brought me here. The scenery of the villa is nice. Maybe the chief priest has some acquaintances.”
“Summoned by the Government Affairs Council?” The captain frowned. It was obvious that this answer made him a little embarrassed.
However, he still asked, “The other party accused you of forcing your way through the guards and hurting others. What do you have to say?” ”
I have no idea what they are talking about. They are not speaking Mandarin!” Li Yongsheng said in a loud voice. He got up and said, “I asked them to speak Mandarin, but they didn’t listen and even started to hurt people. If I hadn’t made a few moves, they would have killed them long ago.” The
captain’s brows frowned more and more, “Are you sure it was them first? Can you move your hands?”
As mentioned before, the laws of China pay more attention to moral rights and wrongs, and the one who strikes first will definitely lose points.
“My attendants don’t speak Chinese,” Prince Anbeck spoke at this time. He spoke relatively fluent Mandarin, but as a prince,