s of communication.

s of communication.
The message from the prison is that there are real people from Beiji, Xuannv Ergong, and other real people coming to this temple to understand the relationship between the Yang family and Rouran Buddhist cultivators. This temple hopes that the Yang family can send someone to come and talk about it in person. one time.
This is said tactfully, but in reality, it is very powerful.
The reaction of the Yang family was also beyond Huixianguan’s expectations. They quickly responded: Please stay here as a guest, the Yang family will be here soon!
Three hours later, two real people took the lead, followed by a spiritual boat. Shi Shiran landed in the square at the gate of Huixian Temple.
The Yang family came this time with four real people and eight cultivators, a total of twelve people.
The leader is the second elder of the Yang family, the high-level real person Yang Fengxi, who is the third person in the Yang family.
The people ranked above him, except for the True Lord, are the patriarch of the Yang family and the great elder, all of whom have less power than him.
This man is tall and slender. He seems to be quite old, but his spirit is quite strong. He gives people the feeling of being a virtuous person.
Compared with him, the old leader of Huangtupo is simply an ordinary old farmer in the village.
/After the group entered Huixian Temple, Elder Yang stated simply that he only wanted to talk to the people from Xuannv Palace and Beiji Palace about other unrelated people, and they should go their separate ways.
The Yang family’s domineering attitude is really not just a boast. Even when facing investigations from the two major palaces, they act so straightforwardly.
However, Liu Qi refused immediately. He said that this incident not only shocked our two palaces, but what we can guarantee is that the people listening are all good friends and can control their mouths.
Yang Fengxi actually didn’t have much choice. Ever since he heard the news, he knew that the Yang family was in trouble.
/There were two more people in the audience, and he looked a little familiar to one of them – this guy should be from the Gongsun family, and he was more similar in appearance and temperament to Gongsun Buqi.
Before Gongsun Buqi realized the truth, he wandered around the world for many years and met many people.
He didn’t know another handsome young man, but among the real people who were traveling with him, someone recognized him, “Boy, how dare you come to the party?”
This man was none other than someone who had taken action in Daming Mansion. The middle-level real person of the Yang family.
But he remembered Li Yongsheng, and Du Jingjing also remembered him, “I dare to come, why didn’t you tell me?”
This man curled his lips angrily, “Although you are from the Qu Adu family, you have the imperial edict of Xuannv Palace.” ,what can I say?
Elder Yang Er was a little strange, “Sixteenth nephew, who is this young man?”
Yang Shiliu replied angrily, “I don’t know either, this person seems