prejudice. “Wuxin Zhenjun did not deny this, “Who made you famous?”

prejudice. “Wuxin Zhenjun did not deny this, “Who made you famous?”
“I’ll go!” The King of England was so full of words that he couldn’t say any more because of these four words. He snorted after a long time, “I can’t imitate Prince Xiang’s behavior. You should tell me your intention here.”
/“My purpose here is to appease you.” Wuxin Zhenjun spread his hands frankly, “Don’t follow those notices.” ”
You It’s too late, I’ve already sent it,” King Ying laughed, “This is really a pity.”
Zhenjun Wuxin said three words lightly, “Take it back.”
“Then I’ll have to trouble Zhenjun,” The King of England is a complete dead pig and is not afraid of being scalded by boiling water. “Firstly, I can’t take it back. Secondly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with what I said!”
Zhenjun Wuxin sighed, “You must make things difficult for the Tian family. ”
Zhenjun, you know best. The Tian family must make things difficult for me,” King Ying replied calmly, “Actually, I really don’t care anymore. The young daughter has entered the Taoist palace, and the young son has gone to the Fourth Emperor’s uncle. I will do it now.” I want to see what kind of crime the Heavenly Family will accuse me of!”
Zhenjun Wuxin was speechless again, that’s what he said, if the people are not afraid of death, how can they be afraid of death?
It will definitely not work if he continues to be tough. He knows this very well. In fact, he knows very well that although Jinshang believes that the King of England is the potential biggest threat, the King of England has not shown too much proactive attack. sex.
Of course, in many cases, the potential threat is original sin. It is also a proper move to be more alert today. A heavenly family that is not alert is not a good heavenly family.
In any case, he came here to show mercy – the Tian family was also afraid of pushing the King of England too hard and causing trouble.
But the goal he came for seemed to be beyond reach.
As a true king, it is really frustrating to encounter such a thing.
However, he couldn’t just go back like this. He would have to ask the King of England to arrange a private courtyard for him to live in, and at the same time send someone to fly to the capital.
Shuntian Mansion is very close to Daming Mansion. If you don’t care about the speed of horse power, you can go back and forth in a day and night.
At noon on the third day, the imperial edict came from the capital. The people who came to deliver the edict were Ning Zhiyuan, the imperial eunuch, and an old palace maid from Cining Palace.
Ning Yuma was very powerful in the inner court, but in front of the old palace maid, he didn’t dare to put on any airs.
He was the chief official who conveyed the decree, and the decree he brought was: The Tian family was deeply aware of the difficulties in the country’s affairs, and invited Uncle Wang to come to Beijing to discuss the country’s affairs.
The King of England said with a dark face, “I really can’t accept the order. This spring’s efforts to encourage farmers a