have to tell Chief Sima about this. This is against the regulations!”

have to tell Chief Sima about this. This is against the regulations!”
Theoretically speaking, the accounts of the Munitions Department are not the same as those of the Munitions Department . The Military Service Department can check, but in fact this is not the case. There is no problem for the Military Service Department to check the accounts of other departments, but when it comes to the Munitions Department, it is best to obtain the consent of the Chief Sima, and if necessary, contact the Royal Horse Supervisor of the Inner Court. and the Bureau of Ordnance.
Li Qingming smiled coldly, “I am the Minister of Military Service. What I say is the charter. I will go to the Grand Sima and say, OK, you are not allowed to leave now. I will arrange for someone to seal the account.”
Huang Yongchao heard this . He took a breath and trembled involuntarily, “What are you?”
“You are about to die, and you are instigating a relationship between me and Yongsheng?” Li Qingming snorted disdainfully, “You bastard! ”
Chapter 498: Weird Calmness
Li Qingming couldn’t bear it anymore this time.
He knew that Huang Yongchao was an old man from the Munitions Department, and he also knew that he had some power behind him, and he had recently hugged Commander Kun.
But he really couldn’t bear it anymore. Li Shuai gave him face because of the war horses two days ago, but the result was not what he expected. The Royal Horse Supervisor began to have trouble supplying the war horses.
At this time, Minister Li wanted to capture Huang Yongchao. After Huang Yongchao communicated well with the Royal Horse Supervisor, he wanted to capture this person even more – if you didn’t go through me, you would have captured the Royal Horse Supervisor. What outrageous conditions did you agree to?
/Li Qingming was very aware of the difficulties of the Royal Horse Supervisor, but Director Huang did not ask for instructions beforehand and did not report afterward. It was a trivial matter that he was not the Minister of Military Service in his eyes. The key is, who knows what that guy did?
Until Huang Yongchao came to ask for instructions on how to allocate these 5,000 war horses, and hinted that he was willing to allocate 2,000 horses to Wuhuan, it was impossible for Minister Li not to respond: Instigate me to fight with Ning Zhiyuan and Li Yongsheng? Who do you think you are?
It’s already too much to be obedient and arrogant, but now you are trying to drag the superior into trouble for your own benefit. If you don’t deal with me, I will become what Li Yongsheng said is in arrears with my IQ.
/Huang Yongchao shouted, “Minister Li, I have no merit but hard work. I don’t accept it. I want to appeal to Da Sima!” “I want to
blind you,” Li Qingming snorted disdainfully, “Da Sima will not care about you. of.”
Director Huang also didn’t expect that he just wanted to come over and make a good sale, and by the way, he would cause such a big fuss – he didn’t even expect the provocation to be successful, “Minister Li, I just talked about the plan wi