ky thundered continuously, as if something that should not have appeared appeared in the world.

The rolling thunder is a sign of heavenly calamity. At this time, several strong men in Xiaoqian World suddenly looked up to the sky, feeling inexplicable horror in their hearts. How could this be possible? ? ?
Someone wants to survive the tribulation? ? ?
Look at this scale
Ascension to the Great Heavenly Tribulation!
/who? Blade? Demon Lord or Evil Lord?
The eyes of these strong men are full of disbelief, envy? envy?
But something even weirder happened again. I had never seen a catastrophe being taken back, but the catastrophe that I saw taking shape disappeared inexplicably, just like a misunderstanding.
This situation caused the ancestors of the three sects and five sects to work hard, but they got nothing.
At this time, Wang Meng from Lei Chi had opened his eyes, and his wounds were slowly recovering under the red light, until all the red light dissipated and turned into nothing.
Wang Meng was still Wang Meng, but his eyes were as deep as bottomless pits. He glanced at the spider demon lightly. At that moment, the spider demon was so frightened that he jumped up and quickly retreated to escape.
A sneer appeared at the corner of Wang Meng’s mouth, and he recited the magic formula with both hands. The evil intention that surged like ocean waves instantly enveloped him, and the spider demon’s soul-hunting bead exploded instantly. He screamed and inserted his claws into his body, tossing it several times. The bottom turned into pieces.
Wang Meng looked at his hands, and countless memories rolled in at once.
Master, what is the way of heaven?
My gift is persistence!
I will defy heaven!
I will definitely become a sword cultivator, not seeking immortality, but seeking to be vigorous.
No one knows what it will be like to have the godhead fall into the Small Thousand World. What Mo Shan has done is unprecedented and unprecedented. How can these top divine objects in the three realms be tolerated by ordinary practitioners?
If Wang Meng really activated his godhead, the huge power would probably destroy him directly, or turn him into an evil star without the ability to think. However, this ignorant spider demon was a big help, giving Wang Meng a fatal blow, and his godhead would automatically The protector underwent a wonderful transformation. Wang Meng’s soul and Mo Shan’s godhead became a perfect fusion under the premise of survival.
Everything about Wang Meng and everything about Mo Shan blended together, and the past and present life were like a dream.
That artistic conception simply transcended the Small Thousand World, instantly triggering a catastrophe. However, before the catastrophe was formed, the fusion was completed, and the catastrophe that had lost its target could only dissipate.
Mo Shan? Or Wang Meng?
There is no longer any distinction between them, now there is only one person with one name, and that is the brand new Wang Meng.
Everything around me feels familiar yet strange at the same tim