on to is the transformation of life marks!

Two absolutely opposite states. Wang Meng’s ability to use Yuan Li to forcibly simulate the effects of physical cultivation was already terrifying, but he still had the energy left to perform the Life Mark Combination.
To put it simply, the left hand is eating and the right hand is practicing swordsmanship. Practicing one thing is much more complicated than doing both.
It’s not that such people have never appeared. After all, each sect has its own unique features, and the combination must be very strong. Who doesn’t want to combine them, but basically, people who try to combine and use them all end in failure, or they end up looking completely different. Not as powerful as single-mindedness.
But looking at Wang Meng’s use, it has reached the point where he can do whatever he wants.
With a body of physical cultivation, the speed of flying shadow is much faster. The trance just now is the remnant caused by the extremely fast speed.
“Now that the warm-up is over, let’s get serious. I can’t wait.”
Wang Meng laughed.
/Yang Ying also smiled, which was dazzling and made the sunshine eclipse, “Well, then I’m not welcome.”
Originally, Yang Ying was prepared to give Wang Meng a chance to show off, but obviously Wang Meng didn’t need it.
The Feifeng Sword made a soft sound, and the sword energy poured out vigorously. Yang Ying’s figure swayed, and the sword came to kill.
As fast and violent as a whirlwind, this impact speed is really no worse than that of physical cultivators. The most important thing is that the momentum of sword cultivators’ attacks is unparalleled in the world.
Faced with this kind of attack, even if he had an immortal golden body, he would still have to avoid it.
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Yang Ying began to suppress her true strength. The most aggressive practitioner is undoubtedly the sword cultivator. As long as you have strength, the sword cultivator is the one who can give full play to it.
The flying phoenix sword was slashing vertically and horizontally. Wang Meng had no other option but to dodge. He didn’t even dare to catch the sword with his immortal golden body. With the sharpness of Yang Ying’s sword energy, the person who caught the sword would be injured immediately. Once injured, what awaited him was continuous attacks. Wang Meng knew this very well, and Yang Ying knew it even more.
At this time, Yang Ying is as elegant as a sword fairy, but she can exert tyrannical control.
Each sword controls the overall situation just right, making it impossible for Wang Meng, who has an immortal golden body, to use it. Just as everyone thought, Wang Meng’s control is very strong, but no matter how strong he is, if he wants to use Feiying, he still needs to In terms of time, the dodge just now was predicted and prepared, and since Yang Ying knew it, she would not give the other party a chance.
/It became increasingly difficult for Wang Meng to dodge, and the immortal golden body was inevitably grazed by several swords. Although it was not attacked from the