volved in such a sensitive issue.”

volved in such a sensitive issue.”
As he said this, he hurried away.
Li Yongsheng looked at his back and smiled. He thought the father and son were quite interesting. Xiao Xianrou was harsh in his words, but Ya was in such a hurry to call security because he was obviously worried that if he did something, he would have to ask his father to wipe his butt.
Not long after, two security guards came over.
Because of the battle in the 303 dormitory, Li Yongsheng was registered with security. Not only could he fight, but the key was that he was ruthless enough. Those who were injured had their limbs broken, and some people have not fully recovered until now.
In addition, Dean Song came forward and the matter was settled. The security guards all knew that there were ruthless people in Gengzi Tower.
I heard from Xiao Xianhou today that Li Yongsheng had a dispute with Hu Weiban in the bookstore. How could the two security guards dare to delay? They arrived immediately, and they definitely didn’t want to see the two sides fighting.
With the character of the Hu Wei clan, if Li Yongsheng loses, it is normal for the bookstore to be angry and damaged. If Li Yongsheng wins, the boys in Hu Wei’s class will definitely be miserable.
The security guards don’t like Hu Weiban either. Those guys are too trouble-making, but once Hu Weiban is “bullied”, the security guards will also be held accountable.
Due to circumstances and reasons, they had to come. Who asked them to be the security guards?
What made them happy was that after waiting here for most of the day, no one from Hu Wei’s class came, so the matter probably passed just like that.
Xiao Xianhou wanted them to come over tomorrow, but the security refused, “The people in Hu Wei’s class have no temper. If they don’t take revenge that day, everything will be fine in the future.”
This is based on experience, but it can also be seen that the security guards I have experienced Hu Weiban’s troubles many times.
Sure enough, in the following days, no one from Hu Wei’s class came to make trouble.
Elena, on the other hand, came to borrow books several times later, and Xiao Xianhou even encouraged Li Yongsheng to chat more with her.
But Li Yongsheng was not interested at all.
The holidays are over soon, and as soon as the new semester begins, the activities of various clubs and societies become more intense.
Because Li Yongsheng submitted his essay submission through the book club, he naturally became a member of the book club. Ordinarily, becoming a member of the club requires you to pay some activity fees, but he said, I don’t have money to pay the membership fee, so I won’t participate in the activities, right?
/Bai Lili was a little dissatisfied with his behavior, but she was kind-hearted and didn’t say anything.
/But other people in the book club were a little unhappy, and some even spread rumors in the club: If the book club hadn’t helped deliver it, would it be possible for something like a storybook to become a call for essays?
That poor boy surnam