dare to resist in the future?

And one thing about the Star Alliance is fatal. Each apprentice still belongs to his own sect. Although the best ones will directly become members of the Star Alliance, they still retain the sect.
But where the heart is, only the person involved knows.
Even if they have the power to reach heaven and earth, they can only make people fearful. Sooner or later there will be resistance, but the great thing about the Star Alliance is that while they possess mysterious and powerful power, they also tie everyone’s interests to the Star Alliance ship. If there are rebels on the big ship, without them taking action, the members of the Covenant will be eager to kill them to improve their ranking.
/At the same time, the Star Alliance does not need waste. Both the sect and the practitioners themselves need to face challenges and pressure. Therefore, on the one hand, they have to fight for the interests of the Great Yuan Realm, and at the same time, they must control the interests of the Small Thousand Realm where they are located, because The talents and resources needed to survive in the Great Yuan Realm still come from our own Small Thousand Realm.
If you invest too much in the Great Yuan Realm, there will be less in the Small Thousand Realm. How to grasp this scale?
Success or failure depends on the hero.
Of course, Wang Meng didn’t need to worry about this. He was already addicted, and immediately rushed into the spirit locking formation as soon as his mind was strong.
The godhead was always waiting for his arrival. Soon, Wang Meng trembled and opened his eyes.
He was beaten again.
The godhead has no emotions, just meticulous execution.
Wang Meng gritted his teeth and rushed in again.
The more frustrated he became, the braver he became. Wang Meng really didn’t believe in this evil. In the past month, he had tried countless times, but he was defeated every time. Damn, it’s okay to let him touch it at least!
Two hundred and fifty-four soul mentors
Early the next morning, Wang Meng woke up and followed Xinghuan’s instructions to the teaching place.
The person who teaches magic is called a soul guide here.
Wang Meng thought he was early, but found that almost everyone in the hall had already arrived. He also saw a few familiar people inside. In addition to Ma Tian’er, Li Tianyi, Yan Yuyue, and Lin Jinghao, Wang Meng had no interaction with this person. , but it is difficult for people to forget a descendant of the Demonic Heart Sect who wants to be a good person.
Others are of all kinds, some are weird, with hair dragging to the ground, and some have nose hairs longer than their hair. Of course, most of them are relatively normal and come from different places.
This is this batch of new students from the Cultivation Academy, and there are quite a few of them.
Everyone has some excitement and expectations, but of course there are also worries.
But most of the worries come from lower-ranked sects. The higher-ranking sects come here just for better development.
Wang Meng was alread