n to the big ships themselves, the extraterritorial Gods inside have become the “trophies” of Blood Soul Ridge whether they live or die. There is a difference between those who have the ability to cultivate, and those who are still alive are handed over to the Blood Soul Ridge torture department.

“As long as there is wisdom, there will be weakness.” At the Blood Soul Ridge torture facility, not to mention the extraterrestrial gods, even iron men have to be melted into molten iron, and monsters can also be asked who their parents are and what the color of their fur is.
Zhu Peng stayed with Zhu Sansan for a full week in the most luxurious sanatorium in Blood Soul Ridge. During this period, except for Li Shishi, Zhu Peng did not see anyone else, including Zhu Yun, Li Zhe, Su Wenshe and even Zhu Peng’s biological father, Zhu Tiejai, invited him to meet him.
/It’s not that Zhu Peng is so inhumane to the opposite sex, but he knows that except for Master Li in the entire Blood Soul Ridge who comes to talk to him about his heartfelt sufferings, everyone else, including his biological father, comes to discuss interests with him. Generally speaking, Zhu Sansan’s replacement of Zhu Peng is not a secret at all to these people. As for the foundation building a week ago, all of them can see that it is Zhu Sansan’s dual cultivation of Yin and Yang Dao foundation building – the problem is Zhu Sansan’s foundation building. Sansan’s cultivation was originally only around the tenth level of Qi refining, and even after breaking the sky, she did not reach the perfection of Qi refining. Now that Zhu Peng came back, she directly built the cauldron and returned it to the foundation. If the changes in it were said to have nothing to do with Zhu Peng, who would believe it? ?
It is not difficult to use Blood Soul Ridge’s intelligence network to find out all kinds of information. What’s more, with Zhu Peng auctioning off the “Foundation Building Pill” for a sky-high price of tens of millions of spirit stones at the East China Sea Dragon Palace’s true spirit auction, this matter cannot be hidden. Come on, the buyer and the seller simply didn’t want to hide it. Now the entire Earth Star cultivation world has been turbulent, and the undercurrent is faint. The spearheads of the world’s major cultivation forces are all pointing at Blood Soul Ridge, no matter what Zhu Yun, Li Zhe, Su Wenshe and others His heroic spirit could not help but be filled with fear at this moment.
Zhu Peng understood their psychology very well and had no intention of evading his responsibilities. However, this week, Zhu Sansan’s true energy was unstable. Although Zhu Peng helped her handle almost all the conditions, “the true energy” “This thing is originally a combination of Qi, blood, consciousness and external spiritual energy. Zhu Peng can help Zhu Sansan straighten out his qi and blood and regulate the aura of his meridians, but after all, the addition of consciousness and mind still requires Zhu Sansan to control it himself. In terms of “heart”, even Zhu Peng can’t