“Good nephew?!”
“Elder Jing, I listen to you. Speak politely and stop thinking wrongly. Now let’s talk about the price.”
As expected of you, you still have the same flavor!
Redemption of Zhan Lexian is free, redemption of Daweitian increases the price. Repeatedly, it is still the original price.
“My good nephew is really good at doing business, but this deal is destined to be impossible to negotiate. Daweitian is a priceless treasure, and Jing cannot afford the price.”
“It’s natural. If a priceless treasure turns into a valuable treasure, Lu is destined to lose money.” Lu Bei nodded, first reported four sword intentions, and then asked for a large amount of spiritual crystals, nine-turn Peiyuan Pills and other cultivation materials.
“for free?”
“what money?”
“The banknotes you earned at Qunxiangyuan.”
Jing Ji wondered, based on his understanding of Lu Bei, this guy seemed to be particularly obsessed with secular money. Sometimes, for fifty taels of silver notes, a dignified cultivator would give up his face.
Take the West Prince’s Mansion this time as an example. It’s the West King’s lineage that is asking for trouble. They don’t have the strength to attack the stone with an egg. But Lu Bei stirred up trouble and caused such a big commotion. Why is he not thinking about the assets of the West Prince’s Mansion and preparing to deal with it severely? Make a fortune.
“Look at my brain, I almost forgot about this.”
/Lu Bei patted his head and said gratefully: “Thank you, Elder Jing, for the reminder. Then I’ll add a few hundred million in silver notes.”
Jing Ji said nothing and slapped himself on the mouth.
The two of them finalized the price and agreed on the checkout time. Based on the principle that the customer is the Great God, Lu Bei first released Zhan Lexian.
Before he could make a move, Jing Ji raised his hand to stop him, frowned and asked, “Xiannie, there is a question that has troubled Jing for a long time. I have to ask him clearly before releasing Elder Zhan.”
“Elder Jing, tell me what you have to say. What’s the relationship between us? My grandpa and I didn’t even have a kiss from you!”
“That’s not necessary. It would be better for you to kiss him.”
Jing Ji decisively refused, not giving Lu Bei a chance to pull off the tiger’s skin, and asked: “Concerning the Great Mighty Heaven and the Great Power Heaven, how did the wise nephew manage to take possession of these two Nine Swords as his own?”
“Ah this”
/Lu Bei pondered for a moment and said with the same puzzlement: “Lu is not very clear about the specific situation. Maybe because I am young and have potential, Two Nine Swords thought that I would achieve higher achievements in the future, so he followed me.”
He does not mean that.
Jing Ji listened and scolded the group of short-sighted colleagues on the mountain. Even Jiujian knew that Lu Bei was worth investing in. A group of self-righteous guys had to put on airs.
Of course, Jing Ji didn’t believe this young man with potential. He knew that Lu Bei was not telling t