er, the water veins in this lake are only ordinary water after all, not spiritual springs. It is rumored that there are several spiritual springs in the wild area. This trip should capture one and integrate it into this place, so as to water this luck-suppressing spiritual root!”

Zhang Jian was thinking in his mind.
Spirit springs are extremely precious, even the weakest ones are high-level treasures, and the slightly better ones are enough to be ranked as rare treasures.
The spiritual spring in the mouth is naturally not an ordinary spiritual spring, but a divine spring that is at the level of a divine object and contains a trace of innate heritage.
Chapter 462: Goodbye Sister-in-law
This peach stone is naturally the seeds left after eating the flat peach.
A drop of Three Lights Divine Water finally stimulated the vitality deep in the peach core, but perhaps because there is not enough Three Lights Divine Water, it may take a long time for this peach core to take root and sprout.
Zhang Jian originally wanted to keep it in the palace, but after thinking about it, he found the spiritual root of the Taiyin Treasure Tree in the palace, so he took out the peach core and sent it to this blessed land of the spiritual mountain.
In addition to the walnut seed, the ancient tree stump was also inspired with life.
Just because of the same problem, the dose of Sanguang Divine Water was too small. Although the vitality inside was enhanced, it never took root.
The ancient tree stump was in the same line as the Taiyin Treasure Tree and was older than the current Taiyin Treasure Tree, so Zhang Jian kept it in the palace.
/Zhang Jian looked around the Erlong Mountain at his feet. After perfecting the forbidden laws of this spiritual mountain blessed land, Zhang Jian rushed towards the depths of the wild area.
Go upstream along the Lishui River in Qinglizhou and go straight into the wilderness.
The Lishui River is now the seat of the priestess of Bai Shuang, the concubine of Lishui.
Although this river system is not small in scale, it is close to a wild area and is extremely dangerous.
There are also many powerful monsters, or spiritual beasts, and mountain elves occupy this place. The Lishui God Priest cannot control the river, but since Bai Shuang returned, the situation has improved.
Qingping Dragon Palace sent many powerful subordinate tribal gods and generals to clear out the demons here.
Zhang Jian’s body turned into a stream of light and directly entered the Lishui Dragon Palace.
Although he obtained part of the power distribution map in the wilderness area from the Tongshan Taoist Order, as a Shinto force that often dealt with the wilderness monsters, Zhang Jian believed that the Lishui Shrine must also have some valuable information.
In the Li Shui Shrine, Bai Shuang is in tune with the Li Shui water veins, harmonizing the water veins, and striving to fully control the power of the Li Shui water veins as soon as possible.
Hearing that a distinguished guest was coming, he hurriedly walked out from the depths