ws nothing! I just have it.” My son, hahaha.”

Li Mo nodded in agreement, and all his subordinates also nodded. The time traveler wanted to speak out to make some rebuttal, but found that he was speechless.
Three years later, Li Xuan, a white and tender kid wearing crotchless pants, sat under a locust tree, surrounded by four or five women, and was struggling to eat a bunch of grapes. It was not that he wanted to eat. Yes, but almost every once in a while, the oldest, ugliest, most gorgeously dressed old woman next to him would stuff something into his mouth.
Apples, grapes, strawberries, and endless kinds of things that Li Xuan couldn’t even name were stuffed into his mouth, and he couldn’t even eat them.
Li Xuan was the time traveler. After he was born, Huang Banxian from the Taoist sect passed by Heifeng Village and found that purple clouds were looming above the village. This was auspicious energy, but there was some cyan energy in the purple clouds. The purple and green qi were random. The combination presents various shapes, which makes Huang Banxian very novel.
So he carefully observed the people in Heifeng Village, and found that Mr. Li was the person with the purple and green Qi. This surprised him. He took a closer look at Mr. Li’s face, and studied the direction and direction of the purple and green Qi. Shape, but based on his Taoism, nothing can be seen. We can only see that Mr. Li’s fate is mysterious.
Li Kui knew that Huang Banxian was very talented, so he asked Huang Banxian what to name his child. Huang Banxian answered truthfully:
/“Young Master Ling has a fire spiritual root. From this point of view, there is nothing unusual about him, but his fate is extremely mysterious. The old Taoist has lived for decades and has never seen a person with a wonderful destiny, so he gave him a single name. Xuanzi.”
/Li Kui was very happy, and from then on the time traveler was called Li Xuan.
Li Xuan was very surprised why he suddenly came to a strange environment. He used to be an orphan, wandering on the streets in the alleys, not eating three meals a day, and living in a well-lit room that was cool in winter and warm in summer. Resting in a broken house, he suffered all the looks and bullying from people. In the winter when he was sixteen years old, he walked in the streets and alleys looking for something to eat to satisfy his hunger. However, after walking around for a whole day, he didn’t find enough. Neng returned to the shabby house that had been with him for a long time, feeling hungry and cold. He felt so tired that his head was dizzy, so he huddled in the corner and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself in a strange environment.
However, he found that he was living a good life, with delicacies to eat and people to serve him. The only thing he found annoying was that a nigger called him son. Every time he saw the nigger’s ugly face, he felt sick.
“An enemy is coming, everyone be prepared to attack!”
The sound echoed in the village. However, the enemy’s speed was so fast that the people