uckled and held Yu who had just let go. Hui’s face turned red with embarrassment.

uckled and held Yu who had just let go. Hui’s face turned red with embarrassment.
The future father-in-law and mother-in-law were also full of expectations. Tian Cheng could only say with an embarrassed look: “Didn’t Uncle Yu buy a suite in our area? Everything in that community is good, but the structure is not well designed. There is a building in the middle of the building. To the south of the ventilation shaft is the second bedroom of the middle house, and to the north is the sky corridor leading to the side house through the fire door. The corridor only has guardrails over one meter high and is not sealed with aluminum alloy windows. Nowadays, people are very particular when buying a house. The north and south are transparent. The middle house wants to be as it is. Open the rear window to ventilate from the south. The side house first considers safety. After all, it is a high-rise building, and today’s children are so naughty. What if you fall from such a height while climbing the guardrail? ?”
Li Xiaolei had a rough floor plan in her mind and murmured: “The households may have another consideration. If the sky corridor is sealed with aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows, it will be equivalent to turning the sky corridor into one’s own home. If the area is large enough, you can put shoe cabinets and the like outside.”
“Yes, this is an important reason why the side households want to be closed.”
Tian Cheng looked back at his fiancée who looked embarrassed, and continued: “The side households should be closed, and the middle households should be closed. Households were not allowed to be closed, so conflicts between neighbors arose, and troubles continued from the time the keys were handed over. They started with the developer, then went to the property management, and gradually developed into troubles between the owners. The public said the public was right, and the mother-in-law said the mother-in-law was right. It starts with a quarrel, and when the mood gets agitated, things are smashed, and then fists and kicks are exchanged. Whenever there is a quarrel, call 111, and the police will be sent out. If there are too many alarms, the city bureau command center will know what is going on. No more patrols will be arranged, and we will directly call the police. Sometimes the community team of the public security team is too busy, so we let our case investigation team go there. That’s how we met Xiaohui.”
/“It turns out we met each other from the police station,” Li Xiaolei asked with a playful smile: “Xiaohui, where is your family? Side household or middle household?”
“I am a middle household. I originally wanted to buy a side condom, but it was too late. When I went there, only the middle household was left.” Yu Hui was afraid that her fiancé’s leading couple thought she was a troublesome woman. He hurriedly emphasized: “Sister-in-law, the sky corridor belongs to the common area. Our middle households don’t agree, so why should we close the side households?” ”
Indeed, you can’t lose even if we