partner for noble ladies is always the heir to the title of each family, or someone who has inherited the title.

Marrying these nobles with titles and fiefs means that you will be protected for the rest of your life. Only when they lose in competition with the same sex will they fall back and choose the second son of a noble family.
As the famous “Knight of the Divine Bow”, the still unmarried young Baron Hudson naturally became a attractor.
Any aristocratic lady in Qiaomu County who had some ideas came over at this moment. He wants to conquer Hudson with his own charm and become the final winner in this competition.
If the beauty is too much, it will be a disaster. Hudson felt this deeply. Even if he thought some of them looked good, he had no chance to get to know them further.
As for the imaginary aristocratic romance, it is best to find a widowed lady to play with, otherwise you will easily be hacked to death.
Especially these unmarried aristocratic ladies, once they cross the thunder pool, there is a high probability that they will be entangled.
If you don’t have enough status to support yourself in raising a mistress, then it’s best to stay calm. Otherwise, you will ruin your reputation and any subsequent marriages will be affected.
/Hudson still has very high requirements for his partner. He must be eye-catching, brainy, and of good character.
As for being a good match, that’s not a requirement at all. These aristocratic ladies in front of me can basically meet the requirements, and those with insufficient status will not be able to integrate into this circle.
/“Viscount Oran is here!”
I don’t know who said it, and it instantly attracted the attention of everyone on the field. The clever Hudson hurriedly took advantage of this rare opportunity to get rid of the entanglement of the noble ladies in front of him.
“Welcome everyone to come to today’s banquet. Let us raise our glasses and pay tribute to our most distinguished guest, Baron Hudson!”
The voice of Viscount Oran came, and Hudson, who had just blended into the crowd, had to walk to the front desk again.
A series of polite words came out of Hudson’s mouth for free. I don’t care whether it is suitable for use here, it just sounds good anyway.
In the world of aristocrats, the last place where you don’t need to be responsible for saying the wrong thing is at a banquet. As long as it is not deliberately provoking or causing trouble, no one will dig into the slight flaws in the language.
After all, after drinking several times, there are many times when you lose your temper. Some guys who don’t have any liquor will often reveal some shocking and cruel information when they are drunk.
Most of the time, as long as they don’t involve themselves, everyone will just take it as a joke. Meddling in one’s own business is not the behavior of a qualified nobleman.
“Welcome again Baron Hudson, this is my daughter Melissa, a junior water magician who has just returned from the Royal Capital Magic Academy.”
Viscount Oran introduced seriously.
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