self, but there was also a small suite in the office.

self, but there was also a small suite in the office.
Old classmate Wu Na came to Jiangcheng to stay at Han’s house, and “President Li” went to Jiangcheng on a business trip to stay at her house. They just talked on the phone and the two women had a good day. They went shopping together, went to restaurants together, had their hair done together, and then watched a movie together. Didn’t rest until after 11 o’clock.
/As long as your wife is doing well, Han Bo read the information for a while and just after washing his feet and lying down, Cheng Wenming called.
“Han Detachment, the ‘delivery man’ has appeared, he should be the ‘delivery man’.”
His tone was undisguisedly excited, even incoherent. Han Bo was stunned, and immediately sat up and asked: “What’s going on, what’s the situation. ”
/Qian detachment asked Monkey to keep an eye on several people. One of them, Gu Meiqin, bought something tonight. Monkey has confirmed this. Monkey also got her mobile phone number. The person who gave him the goods was a man in his twenties.” , with an accent from Hui Province. He was very vigilant. One of Hou’s subordinates disguised himself as a motorcycle driver and sent him to the People’s Square, while Biaozi watched from behind. As a result, after getting off the train at People’s Square, he called a taxi for a ride. Small circle, and finally walked back to Sunshine Garden. Fortunately, there were enough people on Monkey Biaozi’s side, otherwise he might have been lost. Now I only know that he lives in Sunshine Community, but I don’t know which building he lives in, or which floor or house he lives in. .”
“Okay, great.”
Thief Monkey launched another satellite. Han Bo was very happy and said to himself: “It’s not difficult to find out which building and house I live in. I’ll call the Qian detachment and do some research. For pre-planning actions, we should adopt a conservative approach.”
“You decide your case. I’ll let Biaozi keep an eye on it first and wait for your news.” Cheng
Wenming hung up the phone and called Qian Jinlong. Qian Jinlong was really overjoyed. , rushed to the detachment in a hurry, and asked as soon as they entered the door: “Detachment Han, this opportunity must not be missed before it comes back. You decide which plan to adopt.”
According to the original plan, extraordinary measures were used to let go of the “delivery man” and let go of a Drug dealer.
If we adopt a conservative approach as before, the result is likely to be just a small fish as before. The “Luo Hao Gang” is too cunning. To use a simple analogy, it is actually a real case.
After arresting small drug dealers, anti-narcotics police often ask small drug dealers to contact their families and ask for more goods to reach a certain amount. This trick works well against ordinary drug dealers who are greedy for profit, but it is useless against the “Luo Hao Gang”.
They have “customer information” and know how much a “customer” usually orders. Not only will they feel there is a problem if the amount exceeds the usual amo