unhealthy, too unhealthy!”

unhealthy, too unhealthy!”
Ji Sufu whispered a few words in Xu Yao’s ear. , Xu Yao pursed her lips and smiled and said: “Okay, let’s get rid of it, right? In fact, I, Su Su and Xiao Ning don’t mind if we open a few rooms at night.”
Wen Liang said in surprise: “Really?”
“You are really big. ! Idiot, idiot, pervert, Su Su knows you won’t be able to hide it once you try it.”
“Ah, Ji Su, why are you bad at it now?”
The three of them grabbed Wen Liang and beat and pinched him, their laughter echoed. By the Baigull Lake, slowly dissipated.
Wen Liang couldn’t come forward for what happened next. Xu Yao, Ning Xiaoning and Ji Su went directly to the vice principal who was leading the team to ask for leave, saying that a parent’s car would come to pick them up later. The vice-principal knew Xu Yao’s identity and let her go after a few words of warning. He had no qualifications or courage to really go to Xu Fuyan for verification. He was not afraid of being exposed for this lie.
When the school bus left the memorial hall, the four of them stood by the lake. Wen Liang suggested that they go rowing again. He was only focused on the competition and had no time to appreciate the beauty of the lake. The proposal received enthusiastic responses from Ning Xiaoning and Ji Su. They did not board the ship and had long been envious of Xu Yao’s passion during the game.
The four of them rented a boat on the small pier, rowed the oars, and slowly rowed to the center of the lake. The sun has set in the west, and the golden sunshine shines on the lake, creating an endless halo of light along with the boat. Occasionally, I look back and see the sparkling waves and flowing water, reflecting the young man in the boat, just like this clean and flawless youth.
Somehow there is an indescribable happiness and joy that fills everyone’s heart. Everyone looked at each other and smiled, as if they had known each other for three lives and seven lifetimes. There were no barriers or scheming, only the memory of youth would remain unchanged.
/Ji Su clung to the side of the boat, her slender fingers dipped into the water, stirred up shallow splashes, and sang softly: “Let us swing the oars, and the boat will push away the waves.”
Xu Yao and Ning Xiaoning sang in time. Harmony: “The beautiful white pagoda is reflected in the water, surrounded by green trees and red walls.” ”
The boat floats gently in the water, and the cool wind blows in front of it!”
Wen Liang looked at the beautiful girl curling up in front of him. , it is the green and beautiful time, but for some reason, I suddenly think of the poem that flowers are no longer red and people are no longer young, I think of the past that I once had and lost, and I think of the desolation and memory of a young heart that is nowhere to be found. The past and present lives are sketched out like fragments, shining little bits of light in the void. The people and things that cannot be let go, the heaven and earth that cannot be touched, live again, I only want a heart as pure as a ch