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“Reader” Wen Liang, you will understand that this is not the same as “Liaoning Youth” and “Liaoning Youth”. Are “Little Novels”, “Miscellaneous Papers” and “Youth Digest” collectively known as the world’s holy classics of literary youth? For a high school culture expert like Ren Yi who is a bit bourgeois, a bit interested in literature, and a bit sentimental, he has undoubtedly been brainwashed by MLM.
He felt a little embarrassed. If he had given it a few days ago, he would have given it away. At most, he would have been despised by Ji Su. But now his relationship with Ji Su is a bit delicate, so it might not be appropriate to help send love letters. Besides, everyone knows that this love letter will definitely go away and never come back, and the possibility of success is unlimited. “Well, Brother Ren, you know that Ji Su and I have a little feud. If I go to deliver it, I’m afraid the 50% chance will become 10%. The risk is too great. Otherwise”
Ren Yi didn’t say anything, just Staring at Wen Liang with a resentful expression on his face, he said in an extremely calm tone: “If you don’t deliver them, I won’t eat snacks for a day!”
Wen Liang smiled bitterly and said: “This threat is really powerful! I will consider it. Come on!”
“Well, what are you giving me?”
The two of them turned around in surprise. Ji Su came in from the back door of the classroom at some point and was standing behind him, tiptoeing to peek into Wen Liang’s hand. As soon as he made eye contact with Wen Liang, he smiled and said, “What do you want to give me? Maybe I can help?”
Ren Yi had never spoken to Ji Su at such a close distance before, and the toughness he had just now disappeared without a trace. He took the love letter back and said squeakingly: “No, it’s nothing, we were joking.”
Ji Su returned to his usual appearance, acting calm and generous, and his jokes were just right without making people feel abrupt. Who could have imagined what kind of tragic life this girl with a charming smile had just experienced? She pointed at the love letter that Ren Yi had not yet hidden, and said with a smile: “The letter paper was folded into a ‘Fang Sheng Knot’. It’s for a girl, right? Classmate Ren Yi, I didn’t expect that you usually look like a good baby, but you also He’s not a good person.”
/“Good boy? Him?” Wen Liang was surprised and seemed to want to find some trace of good boy on the face of the intoxicated Ren Yi, “Classmate Ji Su, I have to say, your vision of looking at people is really… It’s so unreliable!”
Ji Su chuckled: “Maybe, I was really not very good at judging people before, but I won’t be anymore, I firmly believe it!”
The topic was a bit dangerous, Wen Liang wanted to divert the trouble eastward, and ignored Ren Yi’s resistance and started from him He grabbed the letter paper in his hand and looked like he was going to open it and study it: “What is Fang Shengjie? Brother Ren, I really didn’t expect you to be so educated!”
After the initial confusion, Ren Yi quickly After calming down, his usual