n this harem, from all races.”

n this harem, from all races.”
Yin Kuang waved his hand and motioned for him to retreat.
/The man was stunned and resigned in a muffled voice. But when he thought about it, it was normal for him to have two top-notch women like Young Master Siming and not be interested in other women.
/Reappearing in the mass grave, Yin Kuang felt a lot of eyes falling on him. Looking around, he saw many students avoiding Yin Kuang’s sight in a panic.
Yin Kuang was the only one left in the back garden, looking at the beautiful scenery in the garden and thinking quietly about something.
“Ah!” Qian Qianqian stretched her waist and said, “I’m exhausted, I’m exhausted. Those people in the Hou Mansion are so annoying. They are bossing around. It’s like the principal boss is the boss and they are the second child.” Tang Rouyu smiled and said: “Qianqian, you also need to understand their mood. What else can they do besides bossing around and playing tricks? Yin Kuang has involved so many organizations. Dou Tianli will understand that the law does not punish the public.”
Yin Kuang took drinks from the refrigerator and threw them to them. Qian Qianqian liked lemon juice, while Tang Rouyu liked strawberries. She opened a can of red canned herbal tea and asked, “What did you say specifically?” Qian Qianqian said. “What else can I say? Let’s stay calm and avoid trouble. By the way, there is a guy we know.” ”
Know him?”
Qian Qianqian curled her lips and said, “That Liu Xia Tian from class 1204 . Alas! They say that good people don’t pay with their lives, and harm will last for thousands of years. I can’t imagine that this guy can live to this day and become the little boss of the Hou Mansion. I saw that he was so aggressive that I was actually scared to death. Looking left and right, it seemed like Looking for you. It is said that he was jumping up and down very happily a few days ago, and now he is probably afraid that you will settle the score with him.”
Yin Kuang took a sip of herbal tea, and it still felt the same as before, and said: “I’m not that boring. By the way, Rouyu, will we invite everyone in the class to come here for dinner today? After solving the Tianlong Empire, the affairs of the association have come to an end. The next step is to prepare for the exam. Qianqian, please also tell Li Shuangmu , I made an appointment with him to meet him at Lihunyan in Guihun Mountain.”
Qian Qianqian pouted, “Why me?” Yin Kuang said with a smile: “I’m afraid that Rouyu and Leng Huaping will fight.” Yin Kuang said one by one. “Rouyu” called to Tang Rouyu’s heart, her red lips curled slightly, “This worry is not unreasonable. She must be so angry now. I feel happy just thinking about it now.” She looked at Yin Kuang’s eyes with joy in her heart. They are all as soft and charming as silk. She and Leng Huaping had been fighting for a year. As soon as Yin Kuang came back, Leng Huaping’s power in the world fell apart. Tang Rouyu’s little girl mentality was naturally fully reflected. Nothing made her happier than defeating her opponent.