e do with it. There are two pieces of soap, the white one is used by my parents, and the pink one is used by me. This is a new toothbrush. Used. That’s about it. I’m going out and sitting in the living room. If you have any other questions, just open the door and call.” After introducing the toiletries, Zheng Yan was about to go out.

“Rogue!” Zheng Yan rolled her eyes at him, muttered in a low voice, turned around and walked towards the bathroom.
When he got to the bathroom, the girl carefully told him which ones were for washing his hair and which ones were for washing his body.
“Okay, Yanzi, wait a minute, which one of these two pieces of soap should I use?” Wang Bo winked at the girl with a smile and said in a measured tone.
Zheng Yan was stunned for a moment, her Hungarian accent quickly rose and fell violently, as if she had thought of something, her face turned red for a moment, she gave him a fierce look again, said: “Whatever you want!”, then slammed the door and left. out.
He washed his hair with Head and Shoulders and took a bath with Zheng Yan’s rose-scented soap. He washed it three times in total and applied the soap three times inside and out, back and forth. It’s been a long time since he washed his body so seriously and carefully.
Finally, when Wang Bo wiped himself clean from head to toe with the bath towel Zheng Yan gave him, and walked out wearing Zheng Yan’s old man’s clothes, it was already half an hour later.
“I’ve finished washing, Yanzi. You go and wash up too.” Wang Bo wiped the water stains on his head with a bath towel and said to the girl who was sitting on the sofa and continuing to watch TV.
“Well.” Zheng Yan stood up from the sofa, glanced at the wet hair on Wang Bo’s head, and said, “The hair dryer is on the bedside table in my bedroom. You can blow it yourself.” ”
Zheng Yan hugged Wang Bo went to take a bath in his sleeping room, while Wang Bo sat beside the girl’s bed covered with plaid sheets and blew his hair with a hair dryer.
It doesn’t take long to blow dry your hair. After about two or three minutes, Wang Bo’s short hair becomes extremely dry. He put down the blower, kicked off his slippers, rolled over and climbed onto the girl’s 1.2-meter-wide wooden bed. Take a deep breath, and suddenly, your head, mind, and lungs are filled with a familiar and pleasant smell.
“I really want to sleep with him for three days and three nights intoxicated by this tenderness and fragrance!” Wang Bo, lying on his back on Zheng Yan’s bed, propped up his hands and feet, twisted his body, and murmured to himself.
Zheng Yan walked into her bedroom at almost twelve o’clock. She wore a white cotton lapel sleeping bag with baby’s breath on the upper body, and a sleeping bag of the same color below. Her face was red, her hair was wet, and she was wrapped in a white towel. The back of the head.
“Tonight, you can sleep in my bed. I’ll sleep next door.” Zheng Yan reached for the hair dryer on the bedside table and lowered her head and said to Wang Bo.
/“Okay.” Wang Bo, who w