s playing “zipper” with the female intern Lewinsky who almost pulled him down.

s playing “zipper” with the female intern Lewinsky who almost pulled him down.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Lloyd Millard Bentson Jr. is going crazy!
When someone called up the Bloomberg terminal, the dazzling red number 3073.24 made him dizzy!
President Bill appointed him as Secretary of the Treasury on January 20 last year. At that time, the Dow Jones Index was about this much.
After two years of hard work to stimulate economic growth, and even the trick of asking the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates several times, it took the Dow Jones Index to an unprecedented 3845.9 points.
Although this had an inflationary effect, Lloyd’s did a great job and was very popular among the public.
Now, Lloyd was heartbroken.
It is planned that he will resign on December 22 this year, take up the position of whip in the Democratic Party, and continue to play a role within Congress.
/Calculating that there is only more than a month left, and now that such a sharp decline has occurred, in order to give an explanation to the people, the Democratic Party will definitely allow itself to take the blame and resign.
He was so dizzy that he did not have the right to stop the operation of the entire U.S. stock market.
What is the concept of investing US$44 billion in the stock market at once?
In half an hour, the economic and financial system on this planet was blown up by an “atomic bomb”, which was no less powerful than Ivan the Great!
The Canadian and British stock markets, which were most affected by the United States, saw their indices drop by 6.89% and 7.31% respectively. Other countries were also affected to varying degrees.
Perhaps only China, an independent stock market that entertains itself, can escape the disaster. It has risen and then plummeted countless times, and still enjoys it. Its memory is shorter than the seven seconds of a fish.
European and American stock investors have all been frightened by the economic crisis in the past few years. If it is just a slight disturbance, they may still wait and see for a while.
But this is not a sign of trouble!
It’s a tornado!
It’s a Category 13 typhoon!
There are only people on the trading platform who sell large amounts and place low-price sell orders regardless of the cost, but no one dares to take over!
Han Xuan allocated all the US$550 million currently in his hands. The old man was so treacherous and domineering that the purchase money for the 24-hour convenience store was still backlogged in the company’s account. He used the company’s equity as collateral to bypass supervision. A full US$6.5 billion was allocated to go on a shopping spree!
As soon as the sell orders were placed on stocks such as Microsoft, Sun Computer Company, and Procter & Gamble Company, a group of predators rushed to buy them.
Yes, a bunch of them!
Han Xuan and the old man are not the only ones who are discerning, including private equity institutions and hedge fund organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan, HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Blackstone, a