right away to buy bread and instant noodles. By the way, I will also add two bottles of mineral water.”

right away to buy bread and instant noodles. By the way, I will also add two bottles of mineral water.”
Today’s weather is very sunny, with clear blue sky. The sun is early and early The sky rose. The sky was very blue, with white clouds floating in it, which reminded Wang Bo of the desktop image of the 19-inch LCD computer in his previous life. Wang Bo originally planned to go to the library to check information today, but a picture came out It was obvious that Jing would not be able to make the trip afterwards. The little girl became much cheerful because of his arrival, but Wang Bo did not dare to take it lightly, thinking that everything would be fine and he could just walk away. He decided that “a good person will do it to the end and send Buddha to “Xi”, taking advantage of the rare good weather today, I took Zhang Jing out for an outing, looking for an opportunity to completely open the little girl’s heart and make up for her mistakes.
So, in Zhang Jing’s bedroom, I chatted with him for a while. , Wang Bo proposed the idea of ??driving the little girl to go on an outing. Zhang Jing was completely stunned. When she came to her senses, she immediately screamed and jumped up, with a brilliant look on her face.
“Brother Bo, you, can you Go out for a while! Me, I want to change my clothes. “Zhang Jing blushed and said to Wang Bo excitedly.
“Okay! Come out after you change your clothes. I’ll say hello to your mother first, otherwise they’ll think I’m kidnapping ‘women and children’. ”
No way!” ”
Wang Bo told Zhang Jifa and Li Guilan that he was going to take Zhang Jing out for a day of fun. The two were a little surprised after hearing this. Zhang Jifa felt that his family was too much trouble for Wang Bo, so he wanted to stop him, but was glanced at by Li Guilan. Staring back, Li Guilan smiled and said to Wang Bo: “Bo’er, that’s really troublesome for you. It’s all because my family is quiet and ignorant. I won’t delay your other matters, right?
“Li Niang, look at what you said? ” Delay for what? Delay? ! No delay at all! I originally planned to drive out and have a picnic with my classmates at Heba today. If you are more quiet, no one will shout too much, but it will be more lively, and you can also help me. Uncle Zhang, Mother Li, don’t worry. Before eight o’clock in the evening, I will definitely send Jingjing back safely, and give you back a good daughter who is lively, obedient and sensible, just like before.
“She’s so good! She’s so good! ” As much as you want to worry about. “Zhang Jifa still had a “strict father” tone.
“If you want it, you must have it!” Then let her follow you to the picnic. I’m just troubling you, Bo’er. “Li Guilan consistently played the role of “loving mother”.

Zhang Jing came down from the eaves of the corridor to the three of them, and said to Zhang Jifa and Li Guilan in a mosquito-like voice: “Dad, Mom, I want to go out with Brother Bo for a day.” ”
Li Guilan was also very excited. She nodded tremblingly and took the money from her pocket. Finally, she