path that Zhang Jie entered.

path that Zhang Jie entered.
Soon, after passing through a small forest, they met Zhang Jie in a place covered with dead grass.
/I saw the thin woman, hunched over her waist, struggling to dig a hole with a broken shovel.
The sack full of blood was placed aside.
At a glance, there were many raised mounds of soil among the weeds.
Unexpectedly, under each of the small mounds of soil, there was a dead body. It was that thin figure, holding the shovel with a broken handle, digging pits for those who died tragically to bury themselves in peace. Such behavior is really touching.
Yin Kuang sighed quietly and stepped out. Li Shuangmu, who was next to Yin Kuang, took back the step he took. Apparently he also wanted to help.
Walking to the ugly woman, without waiting for the ugly woman to react, he snatched the broken-handled shovel from her hand and said, “I’ll do it!” However, at this time, Yin Kuang was stunned for a while and said,
“Whoosh” With a sound, the shovel went down, and the soil flew up.
ugly woman. He looked at Yin Kuang blankly and stood aside without saying a word. When Yin Kuang dug a small pit big enough to accommodate the sack, she first held up the bloody sack with both hands, and then carefully put it into the pit. Yin Kuang immediately covered it with soil.
When everything was ready, Zhang Jie picked up an unknown wild flower and planted it gently on the mound. Then the hands are clasped together as if praying for the deceased. At this moment, Yin Kuang and others also discovered that on every mound, there was a wild flower, but it was a withered wild flower.
“Thank you.” Zhang Jie stood up and reached out to take the shovel in Yin Kuang’s hand. Yin Kuang turned aside and took away the broken-handled shovel. In Zhang Jie’s confused eyes, Yin Kuang took out a silk scarf (a habit developed by being the king of Narnia) and handed it to Zhang Jie, “Wipe your hands.”
Zhang Jie said: “No need.”
“Wipe it. Once it’s clean, I’ll return the shovel to you.” Yin Kuang said domineeringly.
Zhang Jie frowned, took the white silk scarf, and wiped her blood-covered hands fiercely, over and over again, until the pure white silk scarf turned into bright red “red silk” “Her hands were not completely wiped clean. “No matter how you wipe your dirty hands, you can’t clean them clean. They will only contaminate your handkerchief.” Zhang Jie threw away the blood towel, stretched out his hand, and said, “Now Can you return it to me?”
Yin Kuang put the broken-handled shovel into her hand and said, “Although the hands are dirty, the heart is pure.” ”
” Zhang Jie glanced at Yin Kuang coldly and turned around. Just leave. But before she took five steps, she turned around and said: “The classroom you were in last time is safe! Don’t go back to that police station.” After saying that, she ran away, and her figure quickly disappeared. Covered by the fog and gray snow.
After hearing Zhang Jie’s words, everyone was stunned.
“Really or not?” Bai Lu didn’t believe it. “She’s not lying to us, right? Since t