rds the two different worlds it discovered, as an Earthling, he should naturally maintain his own ‘world’ stance.

rds the two different worlds it discovered, as an Earthling, he should naturally maintain his own ‘world’ stance.
Pouting his lips, Zhang Lisheng stopped thinking nonsense, grabbed the animal skin roll with both hands, and said to himself: “Mr. Armandnik, this matter is indeed very important to your world. It’s a pity that you put it away.” Entrusted to the wrong person.”, tear it up hard.
/The boy thought that the animal skin roll would break into two halves, but to his surprise, there was not even a tiny crack on the skin roll.
Stunned for a moment, he increased the strength on his palm, but it still had no effect.
“So strong…” Zhang Li became stubborn. He frowned and muttered to himself. His muscles bulged around his body, and his figure gradually expanded in the sea, three meters, four meters… until he turned into a giant more than nine meters tall. , when the roll of animal skin in his hand could hardly be held, the young man tried his best, his face gnashing his teeth and looking ferocious, before he finally tore a small opening in the roll of skin.
/As soon as the magic wolf skin scroll was torn open, a faint light floated out from the tear, following the speed of the scroll, it penetrated into Zhang Lisheng’s palm in an inescapable manner.
In an instant. He felt dazed for a while, and then suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment.
Just like that, the torn animal skin roll was torn unconsciously by the dazed boy, and gradually fell into pieces. As the crack became larger, a faint white flame emerged and burned on the skin roll, eventually turning it into fly ash. By the time Zhang Lisheng came to his senses, there was nothing in his hands.
He didn’t know that he had used the most barbaric and simple method to plunder the magical treasure that the old man Armandnik from another world wanted to dedicate to the motherland through the hands of the “kind and ignorant sea spirit” at the last moment of his life. Eternal Knowledge’.
Shaking his head in confusion, the young man clapped his hands and retracted his body to a height of more than two meters. Without wasting any more time, he mounted the dragon and flew into the air to continue his path-finding journey.
Unconsciously, dozens of hours passed. When Zhang Lisheng was hungry, he ate raw fish in the sea. When he was thirsty, he relied on the strength of his body to drink a full stomach of cold sea water.
After three sunrises and sunsets, I finally saw the sea and the sky as far as the eye could see a huge island stretching for hundreds of miles, and there were several broad bean-sized ships near the island. .
“The ship, its outline looks like a warship on the earth…” The young man excitedly drove the dragon to continuously rise into the sky, moving through the clouds and mist, hiding his figure and flying towards the giant island.
As the distance approached, he opened his eyes as big as a toad to see through the clouds and fog, and gradually saw clearly that there were indeed several warships with ‘prawn201’ to ‘prawn205’ written on t