an who looked as lean as a monkey. When he saw the fat man and me, he asked in a high voice: “What do you two do?”

an who looked as lean as a monkey. When he saw the fat man and me, he asked in a high voice: “What do you two do?”
The fat man was more excited and said with a smile: “I am accompanying my brother to pay homage to the old man. , you smoke a cigarette.”
/Generally speaking, Chinese concierges and security guards can do everything with cigarettes.
I raised my feet and entered the gate of the Ming Garden. The entire Ming Garden was relatively large and divided into three areas. The cedar area on the left, the winter plum area on the right, and the green bamboo area in the middle.
According to the records of “Mountain and Wild Strange Tales”, during the Republic of China, there was an earth beast called “Fangwei”, which usually moved around mass graves. The physical characteristics of this earth animal are very similar to that of a bamboo rat, with a round head, very small eyes, and a pair of front teeth exposed. However, the difference from the bamboo rat is that the tail of the “square tail” is square, just like its name.
“Square tail, with a body two feet long, black and gray, small and long eyes, and a square tail, hence the name. It often lives in places with many corpses and ghosts, feeds on yin energy, and likes to live among corpses. It is timid in nature. It will also attack when in danger, and the short bones of its tail can be used to make magic tools to channel spirits.”
The book generally introduces it like this. Zhuzi and I talked on the phone at night. The price offered there was not low, but the details depended on the sales.
I walked around the Cedar Area and found nothing unusual. There were almost no grave sweepers. I saw one when I came in and then left. I am the only one left in the huge garden. I turned around and walked to Cuizhu District. During this wandering, I made some discoveries.
There are some places in the Garden of Hades that have not yet been erected with tombstones. They are empty and only covered with a layer of boards. Such places are usually cemeteries for sale. Cremation was still relatively common in Shanghai at that time, but the trend of buying cemeteries had not yet formed, so most of them were on the shelf.
What I saw was an empty cemetery, but there was a gap in the stone slab covering it. In fact, this gap is not noticeable at all. If I didn’t pay attention, I would have missed it.
However, several plants next to this stone slab were dead. What caught my attention the most was that the weeds surrounding the cemetery were also dead! This is an unusual phenomenon!
How tenacious are weeds? There is no shortage of rain in Shanghai. It has just begun spring, so why is there no grass growing here?
I felt something strange, so I slowly leaned over, bent down and took a look, and immediately made a discovery! There is a hole in it!
/The hole was covered with a stone slab, so it was inconspicuous. Seeing that there was no one around, I boldly moved the stone slab out a little, so that I could clearly observe the hole in front of me.
It looked very deep. I didn