left, and Lin Yun squinted at Levi. As Si left the back, his evaluation of Reeves in his heart improved again. Obviously, this man is a smart man. He knows that the most important thing is to have a good relationship with Lin Yun. The relationship between the two forces The cooperation continues to deepen, the relationship becomes closer and closer, and finally a state of mutual benefit is formed. This is the best situation.
As long as the relationship with Lin Yun is improved and the cooperation with Gilded Rose is deepened, the relationship with Mariana will naturally be better.
However, Lin Yun always feels that Reeves seems to value himself more than just Mariana.
However, Reeves is much smarter, more courageous, and has much better eyesight than Dynoson. This is almost the same. No need to think too much.
There is no way to enter the underground world again in a short time. Lin Yun doesn’t care whether this place has attracted the attention of others, but it doesn’t matter. The road to the underground world is beginning to be exposed. With the strength of this era, he wants to find a way to enter the underground world. There are not many methods in the world, but there are definitely two or three.
At this time, if anyone enters the underground world, haha, it will be great fun.
In fact, the underground world has indeed fallen into chaos. The blood elves have lost the void blood pool. The blood elves king furiously launched an all-out war. Not only did he fight against the pure-blood giant The dragons are at war, and they are also at war with the orcs.
As long as the territory of the blood elves is bordering, anyone who has had conflicts, is possible, and has the strength to do this will be the target of the blood elves going crazy.
Without the Void Blood Pool, the city protection that the blood elves are most proud of has lost its magic supply. The battle is not like before, just a constant stalemate. This time the all-out war is particularly fierce. The loss of the Void Blood Pool makes The blood elves went completely crazy.
The conflicts and hatred accumulated for countless years in the past were completely ignited this time. Just like Lin Yun said, this matter would not be over if the forty-ninth level expert had not had his brains beaten out.
But for the time being, let Nosun The world of virtue has nothing to do with it.
Lin Yun quietly left Central Odin, and then received information from the Crown of Thorns. As expected, many powerful people began to gather in Central Odin. They had obviously discovered some clues, but this did not matter much to Lin Yun. It’s related.
Back in the City of Neverwinter, everything was normal. Nothing happened during the period of departure. Although the development speed of Gilded Rose has slowed down, it has become more stable. The major forces that have signed long-term cooperation contracts are becoming more and more popular. Come more and more.
/As time goes by, the effects of the blue magic potion and the radiance potion are ref