his reason, so I Can’t sense them.”

Thinking of this, he stood up and suddenly mobilized the reincarnation of cause and effect, calamity and killing, the four innate avenues, and controlled the four at the same time. The four innate powers condensed into one and turned into the sword finger of killing immortals!
Even Luo Taizong and Dao Zun can only control three kinds of Tao power at the same time, but he can control four kinds at the same time, forming a more powerful magical power!
The Zhu Xian Sword Finger is the magical power he created with this, which is enough to change the past!
Xu Ying observed the surroundings and found no changes caused by the Zhuxian Sword Fingers. He immediately locked on Dao Master Luo, activated the Zhuxian Sword Fingers, and stabbed down from the void!
But the moment he unleashed his sword finger, the Great Dao Wave from the future roared out. Xu Ying also sensed this Great Dao Wave at the same moment and thought to himself: “Dao Master Luo ambushed me and Tai Yi’s back-up. Out!”
Just when he thought of this, the fluctuations of the avenue from the future suddenly increased crazily. The next moment, the nine Luo Dao Masters came from time and space, each with their own appearance, their faces were either ferocious or solemn, and their postures were also different. Three heads and six arms, some with eye-shaped palms and some with jagged joints, were all attacking Xu Ying at the same time!
Before Xu Ying could kill Dao Master Luo, the Nine Spirits in the sky wanted to kill him one step ahead!
Xu Ying immediately dispersed his Immortal Killing Sword Fingers and faced the Luo Dao Master in these time and space. At the same time, all the innate spiritual treasures such as the Great Dao Sutra Pillar, the Nirvana Blue Sky, the Apricot Yellow Banner, the Xuanhui Pagoda, and the Flower of Rebirth were sacrificed!
He picked up the Kaiyuan Divine Ax and faced the nine gods, Taoist Master Luo!
The layers of void exploded, and Xu Ying was pushed out of the void. When he came to the sky above the other shore, all kinds of innate spiritual treasures collided, and the bursting waves spread across the other shore in an instant, waking up all the three avenue masters!
At this moment, Taoist Luo, Taoist Hua and Taoist Lin each walked out of the palace. Master Hua was shocked and confused: “Who is this quarrel with? He is so powerful, his Tao power is dozens of times greater than mine!”
Master Lin’s face turned pale: “How can there be such a powerful person in this world? Could it be that Dao Zun has been resurrected? Only Dao Zun has such great power, right?”
Master Luo looked up at the sky, horrified, and saw nine versions of himself in different forms, besieging a black-faced boy.
/The promised innate spiritual treasure collided with the physical bodies of these Taoist Luo masters, but it made a crisp sound like gold and stone clashing. What burst out from the bodies of these Taoist Luo masters was not blood, but streaks of spiritual light!
/“They are innate spiritual treasur