ne step further, learn from the orcs and barbarians, and directly stop trade with the human race.

In the self-sufficient feudal lord economy, such a small amount of pressure obviously cannot scare the human alliance.
If “ban on trade” is replaced by “threat of war”, the current situation will look completely different.
“The Northern Expeditionary Army has been dispersed and can no longer pose a threat to us. In order to improve efficiency, we should split up next!
The cavalry was left to continue chasing the remaining enemies, while the infantry went back to deal with the rebellion in the country. If we delay for too long, maybe those traitors will attack our people! ”
The Yingren Emperor said worriedly.
The five royal families of the orcs are all divided into strong and weak ones. The Yingren clan was able to obtain royal status mainly because they killed all their competitors.
As the only organic air force in the Orc Empire, it naturally has a unique status. Only then would there be an opportunity to form an alliance with the other four clans and create a political structure in which the five royal families co-governed.
Once the rebels attack the people in the country, the other four royal families, the old, weak, women and children, will take up arms and also have good fighting power, but they are not.
The Eagle Man, who cannot fly, is in the middle and lower reaches of the orc race in terms of strength. It’s not surprising that he can’t defeat the rebels.
“Then let’s divide our forces! But when pursuing, be careful and don’t get too close to the enemy’s defense line.
The current guard of the Alpha Kingdom is Earl Hudson. Everyone must know what this man’s military capabilities are.
With hundreds of thousands of defenders sitting in the fortress for more than a month, there was no movement. They were probably plotting some kind of conspiracy.
If coupled with the cooperation of the defeated troops, even the elite cavalry regiment might be eaten by him if they are not careful. ”
Silver Moon Wolf Emperor warned everyone.
It’s not that he is nosy, but the five royal families now need to work together. If the internal fighting continues, sooner or later everyone will end together.
/On the way to escape, Duke Kavadia no longer had the aloof image of a duke in the past, but instead had a haggard look on his face.
They are not the focus of the orc army’s pursuit, but it does not mean that the orcs will not hunt them down. The thoughts of the emperor above do not represent the thoughts of the orc soldiers below.
They are all human troops, so just kill them when you see them. As for which noble family these troops belong to, the low-level orc soldiers don’t care.
After escaping three enemy sniper kills in a row, Duke Kavadia, who was physically and mentally exhausted, just wanted to sleep. It’s a pity that this is just a wishful thinking after all. If I fall asleep at this time, I will probably sleep forever.
“Where are you?”
After glancing at the sky, Duke Kavadia asked with concern.
“This is the Okoro